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ALERT BETA Official Release date! 8/20/2020


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Aug 10, 2011
Hello fellow Minecrafters!

We have set a date for the beta to be released, on 8/20/2021 at 7 PM CST.
There will be no extra steps required to connect, this time just put in the server IP (play.hc.to) and you will be connected.
The beta will last approximately 1 Month, this should give us time to fix any major bugs that we find during the full beta test. The main focus of the beta is to make sure all of our systems (new and old) are functioning properly, if you find any bugs or things you think should be changed, please post them in the respective channels or post here!
Our Combat beta gave us a huge amount of feedback and we have taken a lot of it into consideration and have made several changes to the way some classes were structured and or played. (We will be leaving combat beta up until the full beta is released, there will be ongoing changes still)

Some key things we would like to see tested and feedback on during the beta:
- Townships
- Townships new WAR system
- Professions Remastering
- Economy and balancing of incomes

We are also looking to fill some open staff positions, if you are interested please private message me here or on discord (Spawn#6206).
We are currently looking for the following:
- Another Minecraft java developer.
- Guides to help out new players who have never played our server.
- Mods to help enforce the rules and standards that we uphold.
- Scripters who can help create quests, NPCs, skills, and/or other various things.

I am looking forward to a full beta test with all of our amazing players! Thank you all for your continued support.
- Delta