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Balance Team app: Ebb_n_Flowbear

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Nov 28, 2017
1. Minecraft IGN / Age: Ebb_n_Flowbear / 28
2. Position applying for: Balance Team (implementer or tester): Implement as well as test
3. How long have you been on Herocraft?: roughly a week
4. What's your favorite class/path?: Currently only have experience on Monk, but I've been a Ranger archetype player in every game I've played
5. How often and in what timezone can you test?: Most any, just tell me when so I can plan around it
6. What sets you apart from other members applying for this team?: Fresh view on Herocraft and roughly 20 years experience on MMOs of various types with extensive knowledge on both PvE and PvP class design and balancing.
7. Do you have any similar experience?: Beta tested for WoW on multiple expansions as well as other games. 10+ years in QA for various companies
8. Do you understand this team is for balancing current skills only?: Yes, and I will be applying for other positions as needed.

9. Can you follow directions, no matter what they ask?: for all intents and purposes, yes
10: Are you able to attend meetings given 24h or more notice in advance? (Realistically, these meetings will occur between 6pm-9pm CST. There might be case by case exceptions.) within reason, yes
11. Additional info you would like to tell us?:
I've been playing chess and video games for about 24 years, been playing online games since the Diablo 2 days, WoW since it released on live and was on one of the most PvP oriented servers for the entirety of my ~14 years on the game. I'm great at playing the devils advocate when needed and will be fair and honest in terms of balance even when it comes to my own class(I played hunter for most of my WoW career, which has been one of the most nerfed classes time and time again and still stuck with it because it was what I enjoyed).
Not open for further replies.