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BadHaddy, A tale


Legacy Supporter 3
Sep 2, 2011
Hiding under a rock
Story was inspired by a cherished comic of mine, but you all can figure out which. Thanks to Badhaddy for letting me write this! Also, a note, Intermundos is latin for "Between worlds"

Between the worlds: A story of Badhaddy

Unknown to most, there exists a world, a plane, of which few have glimpsed, and even less have traveled to. It is within here that we get our many different arcane creatures, creature of mystic abilities that we have little to knowledge of. We see examples of theses creature in myths and folklore, such as the fabled "Herobrine". Commonly known to scholars as "Intermundos" it is places where most people are driven mad at the sight of. Not only do arcane creatures live here, but untold knowledge, history, magics, and relics of power exist here as well.

Upon first entering Intermundos, one thing one notices is the whispering, the chatter of the malevolent creatures. These creatures whisper to you inside your head with promises of power, knowledge, or simply gibberish. Only mages of incredible power are able to withstand the chatter of these unidentified creatures. If the mage is truly powerful, like those among the Archmage or Zo tier, then you can focus the whispers, and begin to cat the wisps of knowledge that sometimes is spoken. It is here that the most powerful men train, and become the wisest of the wise.

With the Intermundos, it is observers that many magical anomalies occur. For instance, one can travel to island, and just keep walking in circles, vainly trying to explore this island. Among other things, explorers have reported being able to catch glimpses of the past, and the future. Intermundos is a miasma of arcane magics, and much of filled with evil. It might show you the future, but it will probably show you your death, or some other horrible things.

Baddhady and the beginning
In time long forgotten, there was once a powerful, skilled, and bold Zo by the name of BadHaddy. It was a him who was one of the first travelers in Intermundos. Up until Badhaddy, people had only seen glimpses of this realm, but it was Badhaddy who discovered, and traveled to this world. Using arcane methods only high class wizards, archmages, and Zo's are privileged to, he was able to create a rift in our world, and journey to Intermudos. And that's when the real Tale of BadHaddy began.

Badhaddy's first steps into Intermundos was major break through in magic. It was his methods that showed later mages how to travel to the Nether and the End. As Badhaddy became aware of his surrounding, he rapidly realized the chattering, the whispers. And unlike most, he did not resist the voices. He let it flow within him. That is why, if you ever meet Badhaddy, he always seems a bit…off. His journeys in the Intermudos took him farther then any other recorded traveler. He saw mystic ruins, screaming demons, and arcane relics. He once fought his way through a particulary nasty group of demons, and stumbled upon clearing, made of glass or some crystal. Laying on a pedestal in the center laid a crystal spear that radiated power. And when BadHaddy picked up this spear, it changed him, forever.

The spear showed him more, more than the average man could handle. It showed him the secrets of Intermundos, how to travel it, what relics lay there, and what horrors it cottons. From the spear, Badhaddy learned that Intermundos was not as calm as it seems. Daily, demons of massive proportions tear at the fabrics that separate our worlds. They desperately want to destroy our world, and consume all that lays within. It was from that point on, that BadHaddy knew what he must do.

He know travels the Intermundos, destroying foul creatures wherever he goes. With his knew knowledge, it allows him to walk between worlds easily. He is the traveler of the in-between world, and using the Spear of Badhaddy, he protects us from the horrors that lay within.

Open for commenting :D


Jan 24, 2012
I thought that your Latin was wrong for a minute, but upon further review, it's correct. I thought it would be Intermundis, but no, Inter takes the accusative. Most people on the internet just use googletranslate for Latin and it is almost always wrong... there is more than a little evidence towards this floating around these forums. It's nice to see an instance where it's correct, though. This is a good story so far. Keep the Latin good too :D