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App Format: Herald

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Adventure Team
Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
Staff Positions OPEN!

Please note - you must be 15+ to hold a staff position, unless otherwise noted.

=== Herald Application ===

Job Description:
To spread the word of Herocraft on any facet available. Filming/Recording events, activities and posting to the Herocraft media channels. Retweeting @HerocraftOnline / @Kainzo, etc. "updating" our posts daily for MCF, Reddit, and others found here. This does position is not for spamming other servers with our links or "poaching" players..

(Please copy and paste the text below into a new post HERE with the title: Herald App: <yournamehere>)

1. Minecraft IGN / Age:
2. Position applying for: Herald
3. How long have you been on Herocraft?:
4. Timezone (please use GMT if out of US):
5. What are your areas of expertise?:
6. Please select one team to apply for:

  • Social (Keeping active discussions on our MCF thread & Advertising through social media)
  • Video (Promotional videos, video tutorials, event recording etc.)
    • Note: Being in one of the teams does not restrict you to doing work for that team only. For example, you can still make videoseven if you are in the social team. Teams only decide what your main focus will be.
7. How will you use your skills to benefit your team of choice?
8. Additional info you would like to tell us?:
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