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App Format: Balance Team

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The Disposable Hero
Staff member
Adventure Team
Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
Staff Positions OPEN!

Please note - you must be 15+ to hold a staff position, unless otherwise noted.

=== Balance Application ===

Job Description:
To assist Balancing Herocraft with Heroes and help test new features for the developers.
(Please copy and paste the text below into a new post HERE with the title: Balance Team App: <yournamehere>)

1. Minecraft IGN / Age:
2. Position applying for: Balance Team (implementer or tester):
3. How long have you been on Herocraft?:
4. What's your favorite class/path?:
5. How often and in what timezone can you test?:
6. What sets you apart from other members applying for this team?:
7. Do you have any similar experience?:
8. Do you understand this team is for balancing current skills only?:

9. Can you follow directions, no matter what they ask?:
10: Are you able to attend meetings given 24h or more notice in advance? (Realistically, these meetings will occur between 6pm-9pm CST. There might be case by case exceptions.)
11. Additional info you would like to tell us?:
Not open for further replies.