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Americans Freerun Americas [5]

Dec 26, 2012
Americans Freerun Americas

Once upon a time there were two professional freerunnas that lived in 'Merica. Their names were Jesse Lamerica and Cory Demerica. They met at a construction site doing parkour and became best friends. They later created the group now known as the Americans Freerun Americas, and Weikauno, a parkour practitioner that had entered the realm known as Herocraft, introduced the group to the people of Herocraft. Now the Americans Freerun Americas roam the worlds, jumping over any obstacles in their way.

Here is the origin story of the Americans Freerun Americas in video form, not including the transfer of the group into the Herocraft realm:

More historical documents important to understanding the Americans Freerun Americas:

A.F.A. HQ: X: 3000, Z: -150


1. Name: Weikauno Rank: Leader

2. Name: Heroguy426 Rank: trusted

3. Name: ULTROHERO Rank: trusted

4. Name: jakeM56 Rank: trusted

5. Name: Blade1209 Rank: trusted

Freerun on everything
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