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Amarith - The Frosthold


Aug 22, 2015
<3 (=( Amarith )=) <3
the Frosthold

Welcome, players!

This is the official thread of Amarith, home of the Frost Hearted

Town Goal:
Well, unlike most towns, Amarith seemed rather small and unexpecting. Though, one of our main goals is Community, and teamwork. We do have plots for players to live on, if they want so, though we highly encourage Teamwork by giving Members access to as many things as possible, and encouraging sharing as many items as possible.

We try to flawlessly work together, do dungeons, pvp, or whatever you like! (As long as enough players are on for said things for sure.) Whenever someone wants to do something, they can feel free to ask, whatever that may be.

Another important point of the town is we recruit pretty much anyone. That doesnt mean we randomly invite anyone around, that means that we are willing to invite and support any players, regardless of the level, the experience or whatever, under the condition that they are willing to help and support the town, we also invite new players, with the goal to guide them for a better playtime at the server.

Town Lore:
Once there had been stories told, A Frozen heart deep below, under the bow that shoots arrows of fire in the sky. The Frostheart will awake, when warmth of life once again touches her icy body, and the Frosthold will raise once again.
"This was what the Pillar in the old Temple said."
Said Endermeteor the necromancer to xXcreeperfailXx, their friend, and one of the most fierce Warriors around.
"Are you sure? What does it mean?"
"Its a Test, a myth. Some kind of map to lead the way."
Endermeteor symbolcally walked in a circle, showing they are thinking of what it could mean.
"What bow would be big enough to shoot in the sky? And make it burn?" Said xXcreeperfailXx
"No,no. Its not a bow.... its a symbol for something.... but wait, did you say make it burn? Probably this means the Sun? But that doesnt help us.... the Sun is ontop, this only means the Symbol we are looking for goes straight up...." Endermeteor looks confused, and pulls out some maps.
"A Symbol that goes straight up looking like a bow you mean?"
"Pretty much, at least as it seems. Wait, let me check the maps"
Endermeteor took out a few maps of various Biomes, looking over them. Soon finding many things looking like bows, though, one seemed surprising.
"Creeper, look! Do you see this? Doesnt it remind you of a bow?"
"Yes, it kinda does! And do you see the sun? It might look like an Arrow."
-They were looking at a picture of a Bowish structure in a swamp, with a gigantic cave below.-

So, after long times of looking, raiding many temples and ancient places, they finally found a hint of what they may be seeking. They walked over hundreds and hundreds of biomes, often more near to death than to life, though they finally arrived:
"This must be the Structure. Its really big...."
"Yes, it looks like at the picture"
"Are you ready? We cant see what awaits us inside." -Endermeteor symbolically pulls their Staff off of their back, showing their are ready to battle.-
"Sure. Do you want me to go first?"
"No. Its fine. Follow me, but watch your Step."

As they come near the Bowish structure, Air seems to get colder immerdiately, the closer they get, the colder it was. When they finally arrived at the the structure, they were surprised of the looks. An gigantic cave led into the Earth right below the bowish structure, built of stone bricks and various materials.

As they got deeper in, they found huge halls, to their surprise, not made of snow, but of various materials.
Some were made with Leaves and Wood, representing the forests, some were made with fire and stone. Showing the heat places of this world.
All these places were designed with runes carved into the walls, saying things like these:

"When the living will enter after thousands, the Frost Hearted will walk these Halls once again, and War and Peace will hit the World.

"Long ago the Frost Hearted walked upon these Walls, working as a unit, watching over the World."

"When the time comes that the last guarding has fallen, there will be eternal silence, until the Frozen Heart will be discovered once again."

"Watch, stranger. Watch your step, and watch your decision. This one will be eternal."

Surprised and feared by these words, they began to walk quicker, deeper and deeper into the world.
As soon as they reached the last storie, they were surprised. The last hall was made of iceand snow, colder than probably any place in the World.

They walked upon the Halls, feeling watched. The Air began to become colder and colder.
After a long walk through gigantic halls of snow and ice they finally found the Final Room.
Sitting on something looking like an icy throne, but not being undamaged enough to recognize it, there was sitting a white creature.

When they came more near, they saw it was a humanish being. A spear to her feet, frozen as the rest of the hall. When they came more near, they suddenly heard a voice:

"Welcome stranger. I came here a long time ago, like you. Have you made your decision?"
"Hello, what decision."
-Endermeteor goes up the stairs up to being sitting there-
"What decison.... who are you?"
"The decision. Wether to stay and live frost hearted, or to turn around."
-They were standing right infront of the creature now-
"Tell me. What decision? Who are you? What are the Frost hearted?"
"Why did you.... come.... here...."
-The creature begins, to struggle, as the ice around her body begins to melt.-
"What is happening....?"
"When the warmth of life enters these Walls once again...."
"The Stones said that. What does it mean?"
"You have freed me. Im thankful. I guess you made your decision? Take my gift."
-The Creature, turning out as a Half Dragon, or whatever you may call it, suddenly took her spear and pointed it at Endermeteor.
An icy surge hit him, forcing him to the ground.
-Endermeteor tried to dodge the Frost Energy, but they were too slow.-
"Take my gift. It will not harm you."
-Before xXcreeperfailXx could react and attack the Frost Hearted, she unleashed another Surge of Frost energy at them.-
"What.... are you.... doing...."
-Both of them knee down, seeming as if they cry from terrible pain....-
"This is the gift, you have been warned. Doo not enter unless you have made your decision. You will get infused with the power of frost. You shall be oneof the first few guards."
-Few minutes after, the Frost energy stopped. The Human kneed down, weakened from the magic.
Endermeteor and xXcreeperfailXx struggled, but stud up. They were glowing with white power.-
"You asked what decision you made. I will answer you. You enter an ancient Temple without even knowing what awaits you? This is the Temple of the Frost Hearted. An ancient frost Dragon, that ruled over this place many years ago, watching the world and fighting for peace. The Dragon though had an elite guard that was infused with a special power of frost. They were called the Frost Hearted, and lived in an gigantic castle called the Frosthold. One day, the Castle fell, and the guards were defeated, the Dragon also fell.
There was silence for a long time. When i entered, i got infused with the power of the Dragon.
I probably came here for similar reasons than you, not knowing what awaits me.

I got infused infused with the power of the Frost. My goal is to infuse you with icy powers as the Dragon did, building up a new Guard to once again guard the World. And our goal is to bring peace once again.
Sorry for the long story

Town Rules
1: Always be friendly to each other
2: try to avoid war
3: Dont dig near the Base
4: Only break or place things near the base when given permission
5: Dont steal
6: Always try to share your items
7: Dont tell players that arent in the town about the traps
8: Dont let players that arent in the town into the town.

Town Information
The Town is currently a bit Work in progress. There are some things that are worked on and some things that are done:

Work in Progress:
-Surface part (Almost done, the Frozen Castle is almost built)
-Professions (Enchanter and Alchemist available, lacking blacksmith farmer and Engineer.)
-Plots (There are Plots done, but not all)
-Midair Part (The Part ontop of the Structure isnt fully built yet)

-Alchemist and Enchanter Profession
-Brewing and Enchanting
-Living parts of the town
-Town organization

Note: If you want to join, please bring some teamwork.

If you want to apply, just put your IGN, your class and profession, and why you want to join.

We are currently looking for these following positions (aside from members):
Town Banker (sorts chests, takes care of theTown Bank and such)
Town Commander (Pvp leader, takes care of pvp organization and such)
Town head Engineer (Takes care of the traps and such)
Town Guard (Takes care of inner safety, pretty much watches the players so nobody breaks the rules)

As a final part, i wanna clear up some myths here.

At first, sorry for the probably bad formattion of the thread, tried to make it look clean.

At second, sorry for the long text, i also tried to make it short as well.

At third, no, the town doesnt get raided every day. And no, we dont attack backstab or whatever our members, thats a myth brought up by players that dont like me.

At fourth, im sorry for any incoveniences the members had in the past, we try to make the town as good and as safe as possible. Also, the town is safe now.


Oct 23, 2015
You can use the template,
Combat Class:
Profession Class:

Why do you want to join Amarith?

What can you do to help Amarith?