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bug report

  1. JrCheeseBall

    Bug Ores Being Placeable In Nether

    Ores are not ment to be placed on this server entirly, in the nether, Ores are placeable, this could cause players to exploint their drop systems like Relics, Soul shards, or Catalysts, breaking the market, moral of this story ORES ARE NOT MENT TO BE PLACED IN HELL unyu
  2. Naturo4

    Bug Can't respawn

    Yesterday night (20/03/2017) I was grinding in the dark palace with some friends and my computer crashed. At the time I thought I would just log back in and get the stuff I lost (I was fighting an enemy when it happened, so my character died), but the neither the respawn nor the title screen...
  3. DarkKenn22

    Bug Water and the Elytra swim

    {sry for the poor grammar/spelling i have a speak disorder} Im gussing you using the elytra as a water to give a swimming effect in the HeroCraft testing server. problem with this is you can fly with the Elytra if you use classes like Dragoon that has a jump skills. from the look of it you have...
  4. Harrygo

    BUG REPORT : Castle conquest Sapphire

    Well, the pictures say it all Hope that help Edit : I asked in game where to post this bug report. No one knew. Guess what, just after I posted it, got back to the game, auto Annonce give me a taunt : "Found a bug ? report it at.." You know the end. As I don't know how to delete or move a...
  5. JerCoolDude

    Bug Set Items Are Broken

    In the RPG part of the server, at 12:30, Eastern-standard time, I bought 22 Soul Fuses. I then went and got my crystal and blaze rod and tried to create a Blessed Blaze Rod. But when I clicked the prismarine shard, it disappeared and didn't come back, not even when I disconnected. I tried making...