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Recent content by SemajArchMage

  1. SemajArchMage

    Planetside 2 - Released, Free to Play! [DH]

    Only to people who can't aim. This isn't the first shooter to have rapid firing, lower damage body spraying weapons. Other shooters call them the FAMAs, the F2000, P90s, MAC10s, or some other assault rifle/SMG. Scrubs use them and think they're awesome at the game. Bodyspraying is not skill...
  2. SemajArchMage

    Planetside 2 - Released, Free to Play! [DH]

    Why? That gun isn't even close to the most powerful TR gun. The MSW-R is the strongest LMG, even the T9 CARV-S is better. The reason NC hate TR weapons is because NC players play like they're TR. The NC weapons are higher damaging, the tanks are called the VANGUARD, the Heavy weapon is an...
  3. SemajArchMage

    Planetside 2 - Released, Free to Play! [DH]

  4. SemajArchMage

    Planetside 2 - Released, Free to Play! [DH]

    I'm trying to figure out how the new cert gains will feel... Let's recap the situation. The cert rates a few months back were slow and had fairly high costs, with some items going as high as 480 and most items being in the 96 and under range. So they removed Auraxium and quadrupled the...
  5. SemajArchMage

    Suggestion Wizards need a change... Again.

    Actually, if you would bother to read his complaint, he was stating that Shock currently affects everyone except the target. That would certainly paint Shock as useless in the proposed 1v1 skirmish you suggested.
  6. SemajArchMage

    Suggestion Wizards need a change... Again.

    Funny because to the rest of us it's DKcraft.
  7. SemajArchMage

    Planetside 2 - Released, Free to Play! [DH]

    Attention future Smurfs and Barneys: PlanetSide is a brutal and unforgiving world that has barely any tutorial or introduction. You will be thrown out into the cold and expected to fend for yourselves, learning about the different base types, the different capture systems, teleporters...
  8. SemajArchMage

    WarZ alpha is out

    So they're stealing content from an Arma game... stealing a ToS from League of Legends... and suspicions of scams have been voiced... yep, stealing money is next on the To-Do list. They should make a Kickstarter!
  9. SemajArchMage

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    If anyone's still undecided, you can try out the original Source Mod this game was founded from for free. http://store.steampowered.com/app/17510/ Age of Chivalry is free to play as long as you own some kind of Source game (Day of Defeat, CounterStrike, Half-Life 2). It's virtually...
  10. SemajArchMage

    Worlds of War.. err MineCraft...

    Post #849 of that thread has a working multiplayer server up for it in creative mode, so I checked it out. The place really is massive, I was getting lost just in Elwynn Forest. The Maps are useless because the areas are too big.
  11. SemajArchMage

    newbie killing, teleport gangbang

    The same reason people do anything on HeroCraft. To be an ass to their fellow players.
  12. SemajArchMage


    Title says it all. http://www.youtube.com/show/lalalademacia It all starts with Episode 1.
  13. SemajArchMage

    Happy Bday Herocraft - Bonus EXP & Patch 4.04!

    It does if he's being sarcastic.
  14. SemajArchMage

    [Hamlet] Belegost [62] [Neutral]

    @Kourne Good enough?