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Recent content by radicater11

  1. radicater11

    Bug QuantumLeap Price

    For Wizard and Necromancer there are also expensive skills, it's just the name of the game.
  2. radicater11

    Bug QuantumLeap Price

    All of the higher level caster abilities cost an insane amount of money, I'm not too sure if that's intended or not.
  3. radicater11

    A pvp ruleset server

    I lowkey missed this vibe too.
  4. radicater11

    A pvp ruleset server

    My accelerando will be your substitute windwalk, I got you. We need to get some of the guys to come back and try HC again though.
  5. radicater11

    Waste of spell space

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that even spells like gills or replenish need to be prepped, which is a bit absurd. Perhaps they were accidentally changed somewhere along the way, but all of the utility spells across 4-5 classes I’ve played need to be prepped. I noticed it most on Bard, as...
  6. radicater11

    Waste of spell space

    Can we get a return to form on this? Classes like wizard have lost their identity because it feels wrong to give up spell slots for skills like port or groupteleport if it means losing chainlightning or fireball.
  7. radicater11

    A pvp ruleset server

    A chance at the return of the good old days.
  8. radicater11

    Waste of spell space

    @JrCheeseBall The real reason is the skills were added before there was a limit on your prepared skills, when every class just had way less skills but a standard set. In that scenario, the utility skills were just extra bonuses you really didn't have to worry about unless you wanted to use them.
  9. radicater11

    Thoughts of a returning player.

    Yeah being able to drain your stamina in less than 10 left clicks, even if they connect, is so unlike what combat was before. I don't know what DrHeretic remembers, but this new stamina system was implemented in the beta before the current map.
  10. radicater11

    Dungeon Suggestion

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting rid of RTP all together so they are kinda funneled towards the L1 mobs they're supposed to fight.
  11. radicater11

    Some Old Classic HC Videos

    The server's nothing like it was, that's why. It's not necessarily bad that it changed, it just means people who once enjoyed it may not anymore.
  12. radicater11

    If we made a guild or group, pvp would be so free.

    If we made a guild or group, pvp would be so free.
  13. radicater11

    A fallen Herocrafter - GaidenFocus

    He was a good guy, it's a shame he lost his fight to cancer.
  14. radicater11

    ALERT SHOW US YOUR FACE! (if you dare)

    These are the facts.
  15. radicater11

    A pvp ruleset server

    I can give input on what is feasible given code and time needed for certain ideas to be implemented as well.