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Recent content by Punisher79

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    Aanokint is Awesomesauce.

    Aanokint is Awesomesauce.
  3. Punisher79

    Requiem of Heroes Discussion Thread [The Lore Project]

    Uhmmm... I've been gone for 3 months? XD
  4. Punisher79

    Requiem of Heroes Discussion Thread [The Lore Project]

    Oh wow. Im way behind. I gotta go start all over, cause I forgot what's going on. XD
  5. Punisher79

    Share your EDM!

    One of my favs... Deadmau5 is king. Another one I play daily...
  6. Punisher79

    I miss zDylann :(

    Kyza. You attack me personally, yet I have nothing to do with his Perm ban. Our esteemed leaders get to make that call. Go attack one of them, and see how much more tolerant they are, than I have been.
  7. Punisher79

    I miss zDylann :(

    Wait. what?
  8. Punisher79

    I miss zDylann :(

    We Admins have stuck up for zDylann multiple times... I have a good personal relationship with him, and liked talking/gaming with him. Unfortunately, pretending to be Staff is paramount to pretending to be a law enforcment agent IRL. You just dont EVER want to do that. Word is that he...
  9. Punisher79

    Landmark Siege.

    erk... ubt... zak. Math overload. :D System failure.
  10. Punisher79

    Landmark Siege.

    This might be hard for staff to monitor... but your idea has merit. I like it.
  11. Punisher79

    Players "claiming" structures from Inactives.

    The rules are set in place for a reason. Please do not circumvent the established guidelines. Also... You may not take over an entire town by simply slapping one sign on it. You must post signs on every building you wish to claim.
  12. Punisher79

    woo airships!!!

    Uhm.... will you believe me if I said "oopsie"? :D
  13. Punisher79

    Requiem of Heroes Discussion Thread [The Lore Project]

    I think Punisher should make an entrance. Anything Punisher related will guarantee some of your highest reader ratings, to be sure. :D
  14. Punisher79

    I have risen again.

    I remember HolyRane. We met on frigid night, sometime last map, in a town that was egyptian in theme, and recently lost regions. I came up behind HolyRane, and chose to not attack. He looked AFK, and I had brought a friend along. Better to let sleeping dogs lie, you see. ;) Not 10 secs...