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Recent content by Paul_Bakken

  1. Paul_Bakken

    random secrets i want to share

    Good Lord. So much drama. All I ever wanted to do was build roads.
  2. Paul_Bakken

    A pvp ruleset server

    It would really interesting if somebody could code a feudalism system in a workable way. HeroCraft would be a great fit for something like that. The basic idea is that each player can swear fealty to one and only one other player. After the collecting the first vassal, the player becomes a...
  3. Paul_Bakken

    map timeline

    Cunningham's Law works again! ;)
  4. Paul_Bakken

    map timeline

    IIRC, Dragonguarde Bastion Haven Aegis There may have been one more in there somewhere.
  5. Paul_Bakken

    Bug Atlas: "You've reached the end of this world" upon login

    Weird. Just yesterday, I walked out to the 10,000s North and never got bounced or kicked. Lots of cool stuff out there, too.
  6. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Dispensers disabled?

    I am by no means a Java coding expert or MineCraft code expert, so I just have to ask: How are dispensers worse for lag than the town farms with billions of animals in them?
  7. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Dispensers disabled?

    So, I got a response from Kainzo in chat yesterday. The reason given for taking out dispensers was "lag/item duplication." I did not know that dispensers caused either of these problems. I knew that was an issue with hoppers, but apparently with dispensers, too. Oh, well.
  8. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Dispensers disabled?

    Hi all, After leveling up Engineer, I tried to build a contraption that uses dispensers... Only to find that dispensers are restricted to admin only. What was the reason dispensers were disabled? Not having access to them makes a lot of the more useful machines impossible to build. Is there...
  9. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Town Appearance Rules Rework

    Offending towns and the immediate surrounding area should be afflicted by the Blight.
  10. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Town Appearance Rules Rework

    The dynmap also hiccups on falling water and lava. There are still chunks of falling water on the dynmap from last week. All of the affected chunks had manual edits in them, too, so... I dunno. Is there a way to force a "clean" update of the dynmap from time to time?
  11. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Town Appearance Rules Rework

    Looks like the one that I referenced is gone now. It still shows up on the isometric view map, though.
  12. Paul_Bakken

    Suggestion Town Appearance Rules Rework

    Since we are on the subject, what about the huge sunshades scattered about the map? I'm talking about the one block thick slabs floating without plausible support way up the sky. One example is the one at about -200, 725. I'm guessing that the purpose of these is to make a darkroom for mob...
  13. Paul_Bakken

    LazyTown - Reformed!

    IGN: Paul_Bakken Age (if you are 13 you are legal): Yes. How long you have played Herocraft (must have played less than one year): I have been on the server for over four years, but most other players would say that I don't really "play." So, on the balance, I guess I have played for less...
  14. Paul_Bakken

    Mop App: Nicole1551

    FWIW, I support this mop app. Someone like nicole1551 could really help clean up this server.
  15. Paul_Bakken


    LordZelkova touches on an interesting idea: why not try to solve this conflict by means of role-play? Perhaps Engineers could have a "place charge" skill that would have a chance of breaching an LWC'ed chest. The skill would cost money to use, or use rare reagents, and the chance of success...