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Recent content by MoeJunur

  1. MoeJunur

    Hamlet White Hall

    Welcome to White Hall, ill get you set up shortly
  2. MoeJunur

    Hamlet White Hall

    Welcome to White Hall, get with me or BoDuhal in game to get you set up, again welcome to White Hall.
  3. MoeJunur

    Hamlet White Hall

    I would like to accept you into White Hall, we are semi active due to work at this time, but we have room for more players
  4. MoeJunur

    Hamlet White Hall

    Town Use Saved
  5. MoeJunur

    Hamlet White Hall

    White Hall Town Member Application: White Hall is recruiting!!, If you are interested please fill out application and PM Moejunur. BoDuhal. Create a profile on HC website! Highlight and Copy this app, create a new post, paste this into the post, and fill in the blanks: In-game name: Location...
  6. MoeJunur

    Hamlet White Hall

    Reserved for Town use: White Hall Town Rules: Please read the HC Rules at a minimum! hc.to/Rules Town Rules/Mechanics: Follow all the rules of the Herocraft server. Please note that you would be joining a community. Build restrictions - Do not build outside your plot limits and Do not dig into...
  7. MoeJunur

    Hamlet White Hall

    White Hall ==Hamlet== Snowy Mountain Retreat Township Name: White Hall Mayor: Moejunur Second-In-Command:BoDuhal Council: Location of Town: white covered grounds A retreatt community that enjoys Herocraft and the group of old friends that belong to it. We are currently adding to town by...
  8. MoeJunur


    2 years severed, considered, I will unban with restrictions. 1- if caught on any log you will be permanent banned 2- you will be watched/checked on by mods, and if found guilt of any infractions Banned! Please reread our rules and obey them . I will be watching @Admins
  9. MoeJunur

    long time since you have been seen!!

    long time since you have been seen!!
  10. MoeJunur

    Help with engineer profession

    read further down the wiki and it states You can now perform novice Engineer skills: Hoppers* <----- *Disabled due to lag issues.
  11. MoeJunur

    Legiantisopod's ban appeal

    At this time your character will not be unbanned, the admins can review and discuss, and make the final decision. Modifying your game Client These are prohibited: Hacks such as Xrays, movement (fly, runspeed, etc.) and camera hacks, improved combat mods, auto-clickers, reach hacks, aimbot and...
  12. MoeJunur

    Bug Prism use outside of towns

    today, players were using Prism outside of their towns to check lwc chest, to see when they were last opened. This used to be only inside of town boundaries.
  13. MoeJunur

    all items will eventually break. You can purchase new ones at /shop or look in the chat window...

    all items will eventually break. You can purchase new ones at /shop or look in the chat window there is a scrolling message periodically that you can click on.
  14. MoeJunur

    Bug Miner unable to warp

    I have updated the wiki, warp does not show any more once profession status is achieved.
  15. MoeJunur

    Bug Miner unable to warp

    Once you change from crafter to a profession then you loose the warp capability. there are still ways to be mobile, utilize your recall, town warp. then the last resort, put your left foot in front of the right one and soon you'll be moving across the lands.