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Recent content by LordZelkova

  1. LordZelkova

    Can't believe it's almost been 10 years.

    Can't believe it's almost been 10 years.
  2. LordZelkova

    ALERT Herocraft: Remastered, beta coming May 15th

    Was just thinking about HC again. Hope something good comes out of this :)
  3. LordZelkova

    A pvp ruleset server

    No. There’s various talks going on and some of us are working on implementing something like this.
  4. LordZelkova

    A pvp ruleset server

    Same. I’m floating in the HC Discord. Nickname should be set to Zelkova there.
  5. LordZelkova

    A pvp ruleset server

    Ooo! I had to restart and push stuff to event and test. If it’s anything like that was I’d just need a quick refresh on what I was doing. I actually seemed to do a lot of this on test so I’d imagine I could do it again.
  6. LordZelkova

    A pvp ruleset server

    I don’t really know how to run a server, but I can gladly throw time into scripting and staffing. I’m more interested in this than I expected originally.
  7. LordZelkova

    Suggestion Herocraft Feedback!

    I agree with not splitting the continents. However, the soul item system was a great townships system that I miss dearly.
  8. LordZelkova

    A pvp ruleset server

    I’d come back in a heart beat if stuff like this was around. I’d love to just wander around and get shrecked by the first lvl 5 I see. I always was good at losing.
  9. LordZelkova

    Current thoughts on HC.

    I can’t believe you’ve gotten Kain to agree to MA again. Every time it was brought up In the past it was shot down.
  10. LordZelkova


    Kain, be honest, of those 120k, how many stuck around? Especially over the last year or so. Who cares if the entire population of the world logged in if no one sticks around to play? Maybe there's a some of truth to what people are saying here.
  11. LordZelkova


    I don’t think he’s here to bash you or the server. I don’t think anyone would be here to discuss this if they didn’t care at least a little. What you need to see is that conflict and smack talk and danger are all highly valid and drawing parts of the game. Grinding annoying bosses for the best...
  12. LordZelkova


    These are literal reasons I stayed around and kept PvPing when I could. Getting told you “you suck” really just made me want to prove em wrong and kick THEIR ass instead. I guess not everyone takes it the same way, but it’s mad effective when they do.
  13. LordZelkova


    Guess I can throw my 2 cents in as well. Little late to the party, but then again I never was on time. Also using my phone so, mistakes will be made. When I was most active as a player, I hated dying. Not because I disliked PvP, mostly because it was frustrating. But in the best ways. Trying to...
  14. LordZelkova

    Bug Cannot create towns

    rip 50c, works now.
  15. LordZelkova

    Bug Pyromancer FireBlast skill not functioning correctly(?)

    iirc this is the way it was intended to work. It will hit 1 enemy within range.