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Recent content by Kalkyte

  1. Kalkyte

    [First Town] Erebos {Evil} |65| *RECRUITING HEALERS ONLY*

    I've just been up to other things. Apparently I've missed quite a bit 0_o
  2. Kalkyte

    I check in from time to time but I will probably never come back in full force. See you in game...

    I check in from time to time but I will probably never come back in full force. See you in game sometime!
  3. Kalkyte

    Spec Casters....

    Hollow you continuously blame others for complaining because they can't get an easy skill. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, casters are overpowered? That it might just be too hard to kill casters? You pulled that shit in the last thread like this. So 75% of the server is a caster...
  4. Kalkyte

    New Team: Heroes Balance & Testing Team (HBTT)

    What do you mean by 'I was whitelisted a day ago on this character'?
  5. Kalkyte

    Bye for now

    I 'left' a week or so ago. Still active on the forums, but nothing is going on in-game that interests me.
  6. Kalkyte

    Hardcoreness - Please Read

    The converse is true as well. 'Hardcore' isn't a justification or explanation of features. So when someone asks 'why aren't LWCs free like other servers?' do a little better than 'this is a hardcore server'. Saying that makes you look like an ass and reflects poorly on the server.
  7. Kalkyte

    Fortune III AND Unbreaking III Diamond Pick Auction

    Congrats @klrocks0 PM when you will be online this weekend so I can give it to you!
  8. Kalkyte

    [Hamlet] One - Communist Collective [Neutral]

    Well it failed faster than other systems ;)
  9. Kalkyte

    Exploiting issues and rules.

    Since when is getting a double chest full of obby is quick and without effort? Regardless, I see your point. That's why I think that if done it should only be given to towns. Gives you what you want but in a manner that doesn't destroy the hardcore aspect.
  10. Kalkyte

    Exploiting issues and rules.

    Your T6. How in gods name have you filled up 14 LWCs? I have 6 chests right now and only 3 of them have a contents worth anything. If more LWCs are going to be added give it to the mayors again. It promotes being in a town and ensures there isn't rampant use of LWCs. I'm against it though.
  11. Kalkyte

    iLoveFishDicks Livestream!

    Hmm well 'The Dark Knight' is a Batman movie that came out a few years back and is really good. That clip is from Spiderman though. It might be the second one, but I think it's from the first (which I linked you to).
  12. Kalkyte

    iLoveFishDicks Livestream!

    Your joking now right? Cuz if you aren't I'm worried for your mental health.
  13. Kalkyte

    Exploiting issues and rules.

    @Draskuul No. That would be ridiculous. LWC can work on blocks to. If people could just LWC anything and everything they would, and it would suck. No more stealing items (legally), raids are even more worthless and everything gets way too easy. This is a hardcore server.
  14. Kalkyte

    Fortune III AND Unbreaking III Diamond Pick Auction

    Starting at 600c. Minimum raise of 50c. Auction ends Sunday at 7 PM -7GMT. Lightly used - max of 50 uses. The bar is visually full.