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Recent content by draconis99

  1. draconis99

    Suggestion [General] - How to greatly improve Herocraft (personal observation)

    Well thank you Fayke! It feels good to have someone rooting for me.
  2. draconis99

    Suggestion [General] - How to greatly improve Herocraft (personal observation)

    Kainzo has been all but compliant with me helping out in any way. I take the blame for limiting my access to Herocraft, not Kainzo. I just moved, am the only means of transportation for not only my wife but also my roommate, and we are trying to get our lives in order here. We are all getting...
  3. draconis99

    Suggestion [General] - How to greatly improve Herocraft (personal observation)

    What I had in mind was to completely redo the IPM system we currently have. IPM stands for Introduction, Practice, Mastery. The tutorial system at the start is horrid, non-immersive, and confusing for even a veteran like me. There is little direction and it is so boring that you simply want to...
  4. draconis99

    Suggestion [General] - How to greatly improve Herocraft (personal observation)

    Some nice ideas there Xexo! Something that would also help in the fight against the mage and the paladin is that the mage is using stamina to cast spells under the resource management system. This means that in the right opportunity, the paladin can catch him off guard, and hit him just enough...
  5. draconis99

    Suggestion [General] - How to greatly improve Herocraft (personal observation)

    This is going to be a long post. There is no way around that. I will try to keep it as organized as I can to make reading easier on the eyes. There is simply too much information for a simple TLDR. I apologize in advance. Herocraft will always have a special place in my heart, but now that I...
  6. draconis99

    Suggestion A Level Affair

    Was about to write a 12 page report on why dungeons aren't the root problem. Decided I would rather just state it. Even if we fix the dungeon's numbers to make them better/easier/whatever you want to call it, they are not going to fix the leveling problem. Dungeons being the only way to "safely"...
  7. draconis99

    Bug Smith repair skill

    Shields should hopefully be coming back once they are balanced right, which means they could be in the future. I have plenty of ways to make shields a viable mechanic that isn't overpowered.
  8. draconis99

    Suggestion Vivecraft

    Being a big game advocate and a giant supporter of new technology, I got myself a Vive VR headset. Minecraft is working on official support for VR on their Windows 10 platform, and the community wasn't too happy that they abandoned the Java version, which is what we all play Herocraft on, so...
  9. draconis99

    Suggestion Paladin not fitting role

    oh that brings back good memories. While I agree that paladin does not feel in it's place as a defending knight and that it should be a defensive fighter, I don't think simple suggesting of number changes is the way to do it. If we are to make the paladin a defensive knight with more utility...
  10. draconis99

    Bug Smith repair skill

    While this is logically true, it serves little purpose on an RPG game. A smith should be able to at least identify what a shield is and hopefully repair it. As it stands now, when I try to repair a shield, my character just looks at the thing and gets confused as it doesn't even know what it is.
  11. draconis99

    Bug Smith repair skill

    The repair skill gained by blacksmith does not identify the shield as a repairable object yet. Seems odd since the smith later gains a craft shield skill. I think it was simply not added after it became an item and was overlooked, but I could be wrong.
  12. draconis99

    Suggestion Some changes that should be done.

    1) I disagree. 2) I disagree. 3) I disagree. I understand your concerns and frustration with the problems that came with the changes, however the "fixes" you desire are only reverting back to the problems they used to have and the reason they were changed. - The marketplace allows for a...
  13. draconis99

    Suggestion Conceptual Class - Guardian

    sorry, just realized i was tagged here. you and I may have lots to talk about @Eldrylars
  14. draconis99

    ALERT Misunderstandings Regarding What is Illegal and Legal as a "Leveling Box"

    Plenty of players have been more severely punished for almost nothing at all. Be glad you only got the punishment that fit the crime and not something worse. People have been banned, reset, had their personal regions torn down, and had their money wiped in the past for creating and abusing such...
  15. draconis99

    [PVE&PVP] Labyrinth

    All players are flung into a labyrinth by random piston pushing and chutes, etc. The Labyrinth is full of traps and surprises, and those who once were your friendly neighbors have gone mad. It's a wolf eat wolf out there as you seek the treasure within. The center of the Labyrinth has a prize...