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Recent content by deadandown

  1. deadandown

    Make Herocraft Great Again, so many great memories, sad to see so little people on.

    Make Herocraft Great Again, so many great memories, sad to see so little people on.
  2. deadandown

    Account and Email cleanup.

    plz no deleteo
  3. deadandown

    Remembering the ROM Revolution

    remeber the day Gabi betrayed us.
  4. deadandown

    Could not connect

    I logged in today and it was fixed
  5. deadandown

    Retired Veteran

    Retired Veteran
  6. deadandown

    Could not connect

    could not connect to default or fallback server please try again later java.net.connectexception I keep getting this message everytime I try and log onto the server and it sets me in this very small area to walk around in. Does anybody know how to fix this problem?
  7. deadandown


    needs moved to actual township page. @Kainzo @gabizou
  8. deadandown

    Get your Forum Supporter Badges or Name Change here!

    I should have a t4 badge, been t4 for over a year. @gabizou
  9. deadandown

    Calling on veteran paladin's of HC!!

    be really tanky and bash people faces in, then heal yourself to full when you get to 2 hearts.
  10. deadandown

    Old [email protected]

    Sadly I have no way to make that server, wish I could though.
  11. deadandown

    Old [email protected]

    worked my ass off with that town
  12. deadandown

    Old [email protected]

    you got in once, my defenses were pro.
  13. deadandown

    Umm lawsuit????

    http://minestatus.net/25145-hero-craft You might want to look into this @Kainzo
  14. deadandown

    Old [email protected]

    greekypoo you were a big softy
  15. deadandown

    Old [email protected]

    personally I think you should make a herocraft classic with most of the plugins used on the sanctum map, and just start a new map.