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Recent content by ChromosomeCramp

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    lolololololololol xd yo got clickbaited into this post Still as any good clickbait it has to be half true so people watches the whole thing. so there it is: Im an ex Fortnite clickbaiter who left Fortnite to do actual fun stuff and i have a little remaining community that likes me for being...
  2. ChromosomeCramp

    helping with advertising rn gonna make the snowball roll with help of the "others"

    helping with advertising rn gonna make the snowball roll with help of the "others"
  3. ChromosomeCramp

    Let's bring Herocraft back

    The server itself is wonderful full of misteries and literally infinite possibilities the thing i see is that people loves to play with other people but they don´t find them, so they leave "until" they see new activity all it needs from my POV is a little push in advertising, im willinfully...
  4. ChromosomeCramp

    Let's bring Herocraft back

    The server looks wonderful from far away the only thing i see it needs (with my ignorant and limitted POV) is an actual player base i can advertise to attract a few people and will like to know who´s also willing to push the snowball
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  6. ChromosomeCramp

    Whos still stalking this community?

    Whos still stalking this community?
  7. ChromosomeCramp

    Wow HC actually got people

    Wow HC actually got people
  8. ChromosomeCramp

    Suggestion gen. nether

    i think thats made to force some player interactions, if anything we need advertisement to get players to interact with in the first place
  9. ChromosomeCramp

    ALERT Community Update

    making a trollish toxic anarchy with RPG aspects would be more interesting than a grindly PVE imo.
  10. ChromosomeCramp


    i want to be killfarmed by toxic gangs again.....This isn´t even a joke i actually enjoyed the feeling of having a ´´competence´´ , people to catch up and the feeling of player interaction.
  11. ChromosomeCramp

    ALERT Community Update

    Im glad this server stills alive, also talking about ´´taking a direction´´ i always felt like the main issue with the server wasnt the content but rather the feeling of playing in a middle ground, it doesnt completly feel like a cooperative roleplay where everything is based on player...
  12. ChromosomeCramp

    Suggestion Unbreaking basic Weapons

    if we get enchanted tools from NPCS then it would hurt blacksmiths and enchanters wich discourages roleplay a bit
  13. ChromosomeCramp

    Cruor- Brotherhood of Blood

    1. In Game Name (IGN): ChromosomeCramp 2. Age: 16 3. Country/Time Zone: America/Mazatlan 4. Current Hero Class and Level: Shadowknight lvl60 5. Current Profession and Level (or intended profession): Blacksmith lvl40 6. Have you read and do you agree to follow the town rules? yes 7. How long...