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Shadow Knight

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  • ShadowKnight
    Male Female
    Base Damage 57
    PvE damage at max level 98
    Offhand Items
    Suggested Armour
    Body Armour
    The Unholy Knight
    of the Warrior Path

    Where Paladins are seen as a beacon of hope and courage, Shadowknights are feared as dark and dangerous fighters. Their bloody axes are a testament to their dark devotion. The Shadowknights are able to feed upon the life-force of others, inflicting the fear of death on even the bravest of souls. Terrors on the battlefield, they can chill their opponents to the bone, shaking their confidence and reducing their ability to fight. The unyielding nature of these warriors is a force to be respected, and feared.

    Attributes Health Mana
    Strength 12 Base Health 990 Base Mana 785
    Constitution 22 Increase per level 2 Increase per level 1.25
    Endurance 19 Health at max level 1088 Mana at max level 846
    Dexterity 5 Regenerates by Foods Mana Regeneration (per 5s) 43
    Intellect 13 Stamina Energy Shield
    Wisdom 22 Base Stamina 1000 Base Energy Shield 0
    Charisma 7 Regeneration per second 124 Regeneration per second 0

    ShadowKnight: Skills
    Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost Cooldown Effect
    Tumble 1 passive You are able to fall 3.6* blocks without taking damage.