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  • Paladin
    Male Female
    Base Damage 28
    PvE damage at max level ?
    Offhand Items
    Suggested Armour
    Body Armour
    Paladin - The Holy Knight
    of the Warrior Path

    Souls who choose the path of the Paladin are righteous warriors, using their strength of will to drive their attacks. These warriors use the power of their conviction to drive their blows; some of the stronger ones even able to channel their burning wrath through their sword. Their complete confidence and drive makes them able to withstand the hardest blows, even seeming to completely renew themselves in the heat of battle. Paladins were created with the strong pull of the souls who wished to stand up in front of their enemy as a bastion of diamond and steel, protecting their companions and smiting their foes with an almost holy fervor.

    Attributes Health Mana
    Strength 5 Base Health 850 Base Mana 750
    Constitution 10 Increase per level 5 Increase per level 2
    Endurance 4 Health at max level 1,100 Mana at max level 850
    Dexterity 0 Regenerates by Foods Mana Regeneration (per 5s) 60
    Intellect 2 Stamina Energy Shield
    Wisdom 5 Base Stamina 1000 Base Energy Shield 0
    Charisma 4 Regeneration per second 40 Regeneration per second 0

    Paladin: Skills
    Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost Cooldown Effect
    HolyInspiration 1 none none none Heals on you are 15% stronger.
    HolyStrike 1 none 150 10 seconds You deal 90 light damage to your target and interrupt any spell they are currently using.
    Absolution 10 125 none 15 seconds You restore 140 health to your target and remove DARK effects. Only heals for 98 if self targeted.
    Disarm 15 none 150 14 You disarm your target for 3 seconds.
    Reckoning 20 75 50 12 seconds Reckon all enemies within 8 blocks, dealing 60 damage and pulling them towards you. Reckoned targets are slowed for 3 seconds. The strength of the slow is increased by your Intellect.
    Consecration 25 100 none 25 seconds Marks the ground with holy power, dealing 18 damage to undead every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds within 8 blocks to the side and 2 blocks up and down (cylinder). Allies within the area are granted movement speed.
    HerosCall 30 none 250 25 seconds You taunt all nearby enemies in a 8 block radius around you. The effect lasts for 4 seconds.
    DivineStun 40 100 300 35 seconds You stun your target for 3.5 seconds, preventing them from using skills or moving and dealing 45 damage.
    Layhands 50 150 none 300 seconds You restore your target to full health. Drains all mana on use.