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  • Paladin
    Male Female
    The Holy Knight
    of the Warrior Path

    Souls who choose the path of the Paladin are righteous warriors, using their strength of will to drive their attacks. These warriors use the power of their conviction to drive their blows; some of the stronger ones even able to channel their burning wrath through their sword. Their complete confidence and drive makes them able to withstand the hardest blows, even seeming to completely renew themselves in the heat of battle. Paladins were created with the strong pull of the souls who wished to stand up in front of their enemy as a bastion of diamond and steel, protecting their companions and smiting their foes with an almost holy fervor.
    Attributes Health Mana Weapon Offhand Items Suggested Armour
    Strength 12 Base Health 990 Base Mana 785 Longblade Shield Armour Weight 85
    Constitution 22 Increase per level 2 Increase per level 1.25 Base Damage 59 Head
    Endurance 19 Health at max level 1088 Mana at max level 846 PvE damage at max level 162 Body Armour
    Dexterity 5 Regenerates by Foods Mana Regeneration (per 5s) 43 Leggings
    Intellect 13 Stamina Energy Shield Boots
    Wisdom 22 Base Stamina 1000 Base Energy Shield 0
    Charisma 7 Regeneration per second 124 Regeneration per second 0

    Paladin: Skills
    Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost Cooldown Effect
    Strike 1 75 5 seconds You violently strike your target within 4 blocks for 47 damage and cause them to bleed for 7.7 damage every 1.5 seconds over 3 seconds.
    Bash 1 1 90 5 seconds You bash your target within 4 blocks with all your strength, dealing 35.5 damage and interrupting their casting.
    Soulfire 1 200 5 seconds Your attacks have a 20% chance to ignite their target.
    Taunt 5 60 10 seconds You taunt all enemies within 7 blocks of you. While taunted, they deal 20% less damage to all targets other than you for 8 seconds.
    Absolution 10 125 15 seconds You heal your target within 10.2 blocks for 227 health and remove dark effects. If healing yourself, you gain 70% of this health rather than the full amount. Takes 2 seconds to warm up.
    MagicWard 15 134 97 25 seconds Create a Magical Ward on yourself for the next 4 seconds. While active, you reduce incoming magic damage by 30%. You must be holding a Shield for this effect to work.
    Disarm 20 90 10 seconds You prevent your target within 4 blocks from using any weapons for 3 seconds.
    Radiance 20 200 55 30 seconds You radiate holy energy, steadily healing all allies within 8 blocks for a total of 169 health over 8 seconds.
    Layhands 25 200 15 minutes You heal your target within 8.2 blocks to full health. If healing yourself, you gain 70% of this health rather than the full amount. Takes 2 seconds to warm up.
    HolyStrike 30 150 70 8 seconds You deal 85 light damage to your target and interrupt any spell they are currently using.
    Conviction 35 70 50 5 seconds You reduce all damage taken by your party by 15%
    Reckoning 35 80 45 20 seconds You pull in any enemies within 8 blocks, dealing 60 damage and slowing them for 3.825 seconds. Takes half a second to warm up.
    Revive 35 235 9 minutes You breathe life back into your target, returning them to the place where they died most recently (if you are within 50 blocks of that place). Takes 10 seconds to warm up. Cannot be used in combat.
    Endurance 40 120 5 seconds You take defensive form, reducing damage taken by 30%, but reducing damage you deal by 20%.
    Intervene 40 120 9 minutes For the next 8 seconds, you absorb 50% of the damage incoming to your target (within 7 blocks) providing you are within 5 blocks when the damage occurs.
    Consecration 45 100 30 seconds Marks the ground with holy power, dealing 27 damage to undead every half second fro 10 seconds within 5 blocks. Allies within the area are granted movement speed.
    Invulnerability 50 100 5 minutes You are invulnerable to all attacks for 4 seconds.
    Judgement 50 275 45 Applies divine judgement to targets within 6 blocks. If they are an ally, they are healed based on how much damage they've taken in the past 10 seconds. While enemies are damage based on how much damage they've dealt in the past 10 seconds.