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Suggestion My suggestions


Legacy Supporter 9
Jan 17, 2015
Hey there,

I would like to suggest some stuff:

- Bring back residences for people so they can play solo if they don't like being in towns. (I like it so much before)

- Let everyone lock 1 chest for free.

- Make it more PVP than PVE that was all the fun of Herocraft PVP not PVE that why we were all here playing and PVE and complicated stuff that came with every new map was so boring and then leveling took 30 years.

- Make classes simple like it was before not 10 specializations and stuff that removes fun from all of it.

- Give us back our paid supporters and stuff from shop

- Make towns simple.

- Bring herogates back

- Bring mobarenas back

- Make gold currency

- Let people create shops at spawn

- Make mobs the same on every part of the map don't multiply HP the further you are away from spawn

- Create events like DOD and stuff like it was before.

- Promote server more (paid ads)

- Send mail to every subscribed mail ( bulk mail)

- Remove bots from forums

- Unban me from discord already