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Jan 27, 2015
DISCLAIMER: As it stands, we are Tier III. We are advancing towards a Tier IV town soon.

Hello, my name is KLuebbert, and my accomplice in making the town possible is ranth4477, the second-in-charge. We own DawnFalls together, and DawnFalls continues to expand through the use of large sewer tunnels leading to large open rooms, and new areas.

DawnFalls is a work in progress, and all suggestions are welcome!

In terms of what professions we need, or what classes we need is undecided, because players constantly change their classes, and any profession is welcome, as long as you can be active enough to pay your taxes, which currently, are 5c daily. This won't be an issue considering you can vote 6 times a day for 60c.

My town offers 16x16 plots for residents to live in, and you get as much build height as you like as long as you don't proceed past the surface.