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Cellardoor333's Application


Legacy Supporter 7
Apr 23, 2012
In-game Name: Cellardoor333
Location & Age: Florida, 25
Previous Bans: None
Referrals: None
Reason(s) I should be accepted: I enjoy RPGs and minecraft. I've played for just a little while during the 'No Whitelist' event you guys just had and found it enjoyable. I have had some experience in HTML, but haven't had much of a reason to use it in the past few years. So to say I am rusty on it, would be quite accurate.
How I heard about Herocraft: A friend of mine(MsGigi, who will also be applying soon) told me about it. She had found the "NO WHITELIST AND DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND".
Have I voted for Herocraft: Yes.
Additional Info.: I enjoy MMOs and the experience they give. I have played WoW, Diablo 1 & 2, and as soon as Diablo 3 drops, my activity in the server will drop a bit(if accepted). I play Magic: The Gathering, running a pretty nice Vampire deck atthe moment.(Magic: The Gathering is a Trading Card Game if the reviewer reading this does not know) I look forward to playing on your server, and thank you for your time.