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  1. X

    Suggestion Tnt Should Be Enabled In Towns

    This is going to be a long post, and it needs to be to fully explain my logic and reasoning. To start off let me claim my suggestion thoroughly, TNT should be able to break blocks in claimed land, claimed by a town or kingdom. The first reason I think this should be implemented is to make...
  2. Church_

    Enlight, Haven of the Blessed

    ~Imperium Kingdom ~ ~EnlightSky Haven~ ~Emperor~ Dr Heretic ~Lords~ Austin1965 Trashsama Drynium CheshireHeart ~Allies of Enlight~ TimberHallows Dar Kunor Zetor Plots for Embassy's 30x,30z,30y in size. Requirements Age 15+ ( Will accept if close to 15) Active help...
  3. ShadowRavynn

    ~/~ Dar Kunor ~/~ is Recruiting

    ~/~ Dar Kunor ~/~ A Medieval Hamlet where new and old players alike can find a home. Owners / Officers of DarKunor: QueenB of DarKunor: ShadowRavynn Co-Owner of Dar Kunor: Dakinara Second in Charge (SiC) of DarKunor: Xargun Third in Charge (TiC) & Head of Town Security: StorminNorman...
  4. xDarkSecrett


    Ayrith The town inside a cave. Recently started at the command of xDarkSecrett. Join us and be cool Staff Members: xDarkSecrett (Mayor) Emaa (Second in Command) Tiddlywinx (Council)...
  5. Eldrex

    The Town of Flame - Ignis [Not recruiting]

    It is called the town of flame for a reason. Join the town and you will find out why. Application Format: IGN Age: Current class: Currenmt profession: Why do you want to join Ignis: Are you prepared to live in a harsh environment: (If you want to help with this page please private message me)