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  1. D

    Ban Appeal

    Ign: Dark_Shadow56 banned by: @xexorian time: 16-09-15 at 12:59 reason: griefing story: i was killed by someone and i found there house later and so i went in toke some of their things and mine. When i found out i was banned i thought it would go away and it didn't. I promise i won't grief again...
  2. Cylixty

    Ban Appeal (PLEASE UNBAN)

    IGN: Cylixty Banned by: @(LordZelkova) Time of ban: 20-01-2016 Reason for ban: "Malicious Intent" Your story: I'm not sure what happened, but he banned me I think because he was angry for calling him stupid or something. its been a YEAR now. can I at LEAST have SOME sort of closure? or...
  3. Cylixty


    and I don't feel like it even was for a reason. this stupid punk of an admin hated my guts so he kicked me. I dunno what happened really tho, since it was a long time ago. please unban me, this server's too good and I JUST found your site.
  4. A

    Arjunanuj999's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Arjunanuj999 Banned by: @Kainzo Time of ban: 12-10-2015 at 14:46 Reason for ban: alt Your story: I do not have an alt, that is my brothers account. He started today and I have been playing for about 3 days. I have no access to his account in any way.
  5. Ziosie

    Ziosie's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Ziosie Banned by: @ ??? Time of ban: ?/?/?? Reason for ban: Banned by an operator Your story: I have never been on this server, at all. I decided to join so I could play with my friends, but turns out I was banned before I even joined the server. I swear, I have never set virtual foot in...