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Recent content by Yeetrium2

  1. Yeetrium2

    Suggestion Devs or Kainzo... New terrain after Beta?

    Yes! a major part of the beauty of Herocraft were the handcrafted worlds.
  2. Yeetrium2

    Suggestion Enchanter Testing

    While I fully agree right now feels like a lapis grinding sim for enchanters, I don't think just decreasing the lapis amount is the solution. Instead, I would suggest enchants require up to two ingredients. For example, unbreaking would require a certain combination of obsidian and lapis...
  3. Yeetrium2

    Some Old Classic HC Videos

    Why doesn't everyone just come back, it would be a fun time.
  4. Yeetrium2

    Guide App: Yeetrium2

    Minecraft IGN: Yeetrium2 Position applying for: Guide Age|Timezone: 17 | PST How long have you been on Herocraft?: 4 years Why do you think you would make a good guide?: I'm active, and I have experience with this server. I enjoy getting players started on this server, and I'm always open to...
  5. Yeetrium2

    Suggestion Herocraft Feedback!

    Beguiler has two skills that are the same - Clarity and Wisdom.
  6. Yeetrium2

    IS this the same

    Those are both older players, but they were never part of the administrative team as far as I know.
  7. Yeetrium2

    Account and Email cleanup.

    inb4 locked thread
  8. Yeetrium2

    Irish would know

    Irish would know
  9. Yeetrium2

    Stulto es.

    Stulto es.
  10. Yeetrium2

    Many soft. Such wow. So what if I'm soft at heart?

    Many soft. Such wow. So what if I'm soft at heart?
  11. Yeetrium2

    Stop harassing my townies.

    Stop harassing my townies.
  12. Yeetrium2

    ALERT PvE Revamp in progress!

    We've desperately needed this. Thanks Xexo!
  13. Yeetrium2

    Thinking of coming back

    That's not quite true. I suggest you come back for the patch in two weeks; Sounds like there are going to be some promising changes to boost the server from it's current declined state.
  14. Yeetrium2

    Bug Fireballs vs Pigmen/Wither Skelletons

    @Coders I'm just curious as to weather any of you have seen this yet, as you've been awfully silent.