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Recent content by timewarp01

  1. timewarp01

    Diamond Castle - Build Competition

    So the 5 chunks shaped like a plus sign is the cap area? What's the size restriction on the rest of the castle?
  2. timewarp01

    Bug Engineer Bridge and Door Issues

    1-wide and 5-wide bridges and doors appear to be broken as of 1/22/2017. Attempting to make a 5-wide bridge or door results in only the middle 3 blocks being removed and replaced when the sign is toggled. Attempting to make a 1-wide results in the blocks being removed, then replaced out of...
  3. timewarp01

    Diamond Castle - Build Competition

    That's pretty neat
  4. timewarp01


    Please welcome our newest members, JDFinal and Enderless117!
  5. timewarp01

    Account and Email cleanup.

  6. timewarp01