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Recent content by fieryabyss

  1. fieryabyss

    Oppidum | The Elvish Fortress

    Thank you very much
  2. fieryabyss

    Oppidum | The Elvish Fortress

    IGN: Fieryabyss Age/Timezone: 27 PST Duration of time on Herocraft: Joined Jan 11, 2015 Current Class AND Level: Paladin 7 Current Profession AND Level: Crafter 13 Any previous towns: Aetherius Dominion Alun, Cotana Creek Can/Will you use Discord: Havent before but ill try it Why do you wish to...
  3. fieryabyss

    TimberHallows: The Town in the Trees

    Deleted my own app. Clearly not a very active town
  4. fieryabyss

    Account and Email cleanup.

    Bump for prosperity.
  5. fieryabyss

    [AD]Aetherius Dominion - Kingdom - Neutral

    wheres mine?
  6. fieryabyss

    Cotana Creek

    In Game Name (IGN): Fieryabyss -Age: 25 -Time Zone: Pacific -Activity Level: About 2-4 hours everyday. -Current Combat Class and Level: Level 4 Ranger -Current Profession and Level: Level 10 Smith -Do you have Teamspeak and a mic? Yes -Have you read and agree to follow all rules? Yes...