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Recent content by Farroes

  1. Farroes

    A fallen Herocrafter - GaidenFocus

    That is really sad to hear. Gaiden was an awesome dude who was always so willing to help out anyone who needed it.
  2. Farroes


    Would love to play some Herocraft once again. Lots of good memories
  3. Farroes

    The 1000 Club

    Am i? EDIT: nope, not even close.
  4. Farroes

    Suggestion Dragoons & Stamina

    Learning to manage your resources (stam/mana) is what separates average players and great players. Dragoons have excellent control of when they want to be in open combat and when they wanna fall back to recoup.
  5. Farroes

    This should sum up my feelings.

    That guy likes anime a little too much. It really sounded like he had a boner the entire time he was talking. You could just tell.
  6. Farroes

    [City] [LO] Braavos [102] [Neutral] - Recruiting - No Taxes

    Awesome work digging out the new housing!
  7. Farroes

    [City] [LO] Braavos [102] [Neutral] - Recruiting - No Taxes

    northeaster345 I have had your coin for a while now, just haven't seen you in game to transfer it to you. If you want I can just send it to you if you are offline, just wanna make sure you know I paid you back. Thanks again!
  8. Farroes

    [City] [LO] Braavos [102] [Neutral] - Recruiting - No Taxes

    Sooo I feel kinda sad asking this, but if anyone could lend my 220 coins so I can spec from crafter to engineer that would be amazing. I am sure Jonsoon, or anyone who knows me, can vouch for me that I will pay you back ASAP. I almost have enough gold to sell already, so I can probably pay you...
  9. Farroes

    Might not be around for a few...

    My condolences, I hope you and your family are doing alright.
  10. Farroes

    [City] [LO] Braavos [102] [Neutral] - Recruiting - No Taxes

    I will once a plot is available good sir.
  11. Farroes

    [Town] [LO] Verstad [28] [Neutral] - Recruiting!

    IGN: Farroes Age: 22 Time zone: EST Classes (eg. warrior/crafter): don't know yet How long have you been on HC?: since Sanctum Why do you want to join?: Because I hear left is the best at tongue punching fart boxes Will you help with town projects?: You know it What can you give to us, as a...
  12. Farroes

    [City] [LO] Oblivion [79] [Neutral] - Recruiting

    there was supposed to be a series of underground tunnels connecting the outside plots securely with the inside of town but no one got around to it yet i guess :(