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Recent content by 5004ab

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    IGN: 5004ab Age: 16 When did you join Herocraft? october 2012 Explain your Minecraft experience: never played normal minecraft Explain your Herocraft experience: first server i played What classes did you master on Bastion?: wizard, bard, ninja, dragoon What classes do you plan to go this map...
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    Muted from o chat

    I was muted from o chat like a monrth ago by you i think. It was an accident and i didnt know about all the chats and stuff. Please unmute me. Oh and btw this is my second time appealing.
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    Bug Dropthebass

    The skill wont work. In /skills it sais protects from fall damage for 0 seconds.
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    [Knights of the Blood Oath] Neutral [7]

    In game name: 5004ab Age: 15 Hero Paths/Specs: Wizard:60, Bard: 56, Dragoon 53 Mastered Specs/Paths: Wizard Why should we accept you to be a knight: because u should What you can contribute: stuff that u need What town are you currently in: paragon Time Zone: eastern Team speak (Ability to...
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    [Capitol] [LO] Paragon [34] [Neutral] ☼-Recruiting-☼

    Application IGN: 5004ab Age: 15 Time zone: Eastern What classes are you specializing into: Right now i am a caster training to be a Wizard. My crafter is lvl 3 but i dont know what to spec to. I also am a ninja lvl 20. Do you have or use Teamspeak? Are you able to use it even without using a...