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Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server

*-Herocraft Presents-*


Saturday, March 22nd @ 3pm cst
Entry Deadline: 22nd @ 1pm cst
Location: RUINS
Type: Single Elimination Bracket

  • Gather 3 combatants and a Sub
  • The sub is in case one person doesn't show and/or to change out one player for a better strategy at any time during the tournament
  • Have one member of your team post to this thread using the following format:
  1. Team Name:
  2. Team Participants:
  3. Sub (if needed):
  • Please arrive to the tourney early to organize yourselves
Today was our first Tuesday Maintenance day! Started a bit late, the goal was 9AM to 10AM CST but had to push it to 10AM to 11AM+ CST.

Here's what happened during this downtime.
(Edit: we're still migrating users - this has taken a lot longer than anticipated but is necessary and we cannot go back at this point.)

  1. BungeeCord updated (proxy we use to connect servers)
  2. BungeeCord plugins updated/ready for migration
  3. Use better versions/updated of the plugins and configure any plugins that need configuring
  4. Wait for conversion from old plugins to new plugins for database syncing
  5. 50,000+ players migrated with their UUID (new global tracking from Mojang), lastlogin and IP.
  6. Add a universal ban system - one ban = blocked from all servers.
  7. Make this post.
Thanks for being patient - I believe having these maintenance windows will ensure our updates are faster and lag is less.
@Admins @Moderators @Heralds

Please note: this maintenance period took MUCH longer than normal due to a heavy migration - we wont need to spend this much time again.
Greetings Heroes!

Like the title states, Heromod with macromod/key binds are in the final stages of testing. We will be releasing the public builds soon once they are tested and ready for public-use.

There will be several changes coming ahead for balance and attributes so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!
Greetings Heroes!

Herocraft, the powerhouse of minecraft rpg, will be updating at 7PM CST (01/17/14) - we have a lot planned for the future and are ramping things up for release one at a time.

Map Expansion:
Expanding the Haven map to 5000R. The dynmap will be updated to compensate this expansion for all servers.

New Mounts:
HolySteed & DreadSteed
Both paladin and dreadknights will be able to summon a mount at level 65. Pictures below.

Is almost complete, thanks to @0xNaomi and the balance team for testing. Final stats and skill levels will be on test in the next few days. Expect a release next patch. The shaman will summon a totem that has an Endercrystal on it.

The Future:
We will be working on getting the new and recoded Townships plugin in for both Haven and Shrine servers. It will have a new reworked command system and item-storage. It will allow for greater control of the areas that the towns claim and control. The costs for all townships will be decreased so it will be more easily obtainable (the cost set after town are purposely too high)
PVP Objectives and arenas are planned for Haven and Quests / Events are planned for Shrine.
Custom Items are still in progress and we are working on making user friendly methods to link them with the new hover links that were introduced in 1.7.4.

Thanks for being...
Just wanted to make sure you guys knew about the latest patch notes, in case you missed it. One of the largest changes is the durability increase in armor. Armor is now 3 times stronger than it was before. So wear it! The roads around Shrine are mostly complete and the graveyards/spires will be set up soon!

Up next for Herocraft:
  • PvP Objectives in Haven
  • Township plugin re-release for Haven and Shrine
  • Arena server (with currency gain for both servers)
  • Shaman! (still in dev/testing)
... and numerous other things!

@Admins @Moderators @Heralds

General Changes:
  • All 30 titles are now purchasable again on the store.
  • Updated style/theme of forums to work better with mobile devices.
  • Backpacks now function in Shrine -> Nether
  • Added PVP/PVE lines to the /motd
  • Mark/Recall skill have now been added for Shrine - they are now MarkPVE and RecallPVE respectively.
  • Added hotfix for /book to be a little more secure and less likely to flake. (Thanks @greatman321)
  • Fixed http://hc.to/vote to show the top-voters!
  • Added new Summon skills (Squid/Cat/Horse) renamed MooshroomCow to Mooshroom.
  • Added Summon Villager
  • Removed duplicate broadcasts on some skills.
  • Increase the durability of all armor by x3.
  • RechrageRunestone now requires 4...
Winner of the grand prize!

- $20 Dollar in store credit
- 250 souls
- Rudolph's Revenge X


The Holiday Season has come to Haven! Festivities are underway and joy is in the air! However not everyone likes joy. While the people in Haven enjoy their hot coco and cookies the monsters of Haven have another idea.. an idea to ruin the season!

~~~The Monsters that Stole Christmas!~~~
December 24th - January 1st
Santa needs your help! Monsters have invaded the homes in Haven and have stolen the presents from under every tree! It is now up to the Heroes of Haven to step in and claim these presents back so the children of Haven can continue to have a great holiday season!

Slay the monsters of Haven to recover Santa's presents!
Mobs have a chance to drop a special item that looks like a chest*, called "Stolen Christmas Present". Collect these presents and Santa will visit you and give you a random present**!

How to participate:
  1. Collect "Stolen Christmas Present".
  2. Place the presents in a...
Greetings Heroes!

Map Expansions
On Dec. 27th @ 6PM CST, we are preparing for the great update of 1.7.2/4. The older clients 1.6.4 and below will not be able to connect. We suggest everyone update to 1.7.2+ to get the new features of the update and to log into Herocraft and the hub. The Heromod update will be coming as soon as possible.

There will be downtime for this update longer than normal to ensure all maps/servers are updated and expanded to the new world limits. All worlds will be seeing an increase to compensate for the new biomes found in 1.7.2+

The mob damage and health scaling will be reduced to adjust for the new world size increases, so mobs will be less deadly until you get to the outer edges again.

New Server Type: Shrine PVP-OFF
A new map for building/pve only. This server can be found connected via the Nexus/Hub.

Shrine Specific Notes:
  • Townships are enabled
  • LWC/Residences enabled
  • Classes/Levels transfer
  • Currency transfers
  • No Graveyards or item transfers
  • 50% less exp & drops
  • Supporter perks transfer
  • 5000R Boundary
Haven Changes Coming:
  • Arenas Return
  • PVP Objectives
  • Reduced Mob Difficulty
  • PVP Exp
Adventure Map and the Future
We're still in planning for custom items, skill framework changes and more for Herocraft! We're also looking for more active developers and builders for our up and coming projects! If you're...
Upcoming changes - Nov 22nd 6PM CST
Mob Scaling!
Mobs will now increase in power, dmg and exp based on their distance from spawn. If you live on the outer rim, now is the time to relocate areas, otherwise you may be battling for your home!

The edge of map areas are meant to be increased difficulty for small groups to conquer efficiently. This change will be applied to all current worlds of Herocraft, including; Haven/Ruins/Nether. In the future, this may be adapted to drop more (or different loot) for 'higher level' monsters.

Profession Exp Changes!
Most professions have increased how they gain exp and level up. Various skills will now award the hero, exp, for performing them.
For specific information regarding the class changes refer to this thread.

Shaman Class, Horses, 1.7.2, PVE Server and Adventure:
These things are still on the plate and we're actively working on making them a reality. Several factors come into play and lengthen the time of some of these things from happening. Just know that they will be in for future use/exploration! We're also looking for more active developers and builders for our up and coming projects! If you're interested please see this thread - Recruiting Devs