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Use Town regions to protect personal builds, as well as to form towns with other players!
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Town Guide

Towns on the New Atlas map are run using our own custom Township plugin.

Town Size and Shape

Town regions grow progressively as adjacent chunks (16x16 block sections defined by Minecraft) are claimed by the town's Mayor.

The claims extend from bedrock to sky limit.

Towns can be created by one player who becomes the town's Mayor. The Mayor and certain ranks can claim up to 8 additional chunks not including the home chunk.

Creating the town costs 250 coins from the Mayor's bank and sets the town's home chunk to the chunk in which the creation command is given. The town's initial spawn site will be the block on which the create command was issued. (/town create <name>)

When the town is created, one chunk will be automatically claimed in the chunk you stand in. Additional chunks can be claimed at a cost of 25-50 coins per chunk from the TOWN'S bank, up to the allocation limit listed in the table below.

(/town claim)

The command /town info name or /town indicates the number of chunks claimed.

NOTE: It is advisable to deposit funds to cover upcoming taxes immediately after you've created the town, if your town does not have sufficient funds when taxes roll by your town will be destroyed.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8
Max chunks 9 25 49 81 121 169 225 324
Price per chunk 25 50 50 50 50 50 50 50

Daily Upkeep

Town Upkeep Costs
Town Tiers Town Upkeep
Tier 1 25.00
Tier 2 37.50
Tier 3 50.00
Tier 4 62.00
Tier 5 75.00
Tier 6 87.50
Tier 7 100.00
Tier 8 112.50

The town is taxed DAILY, their upkeep is based the town level. For example, a level one town has a daily upkeep of 23 coins, while a level 3 town has a daily upkeep of 50.00 coins. Towns' taxes go up by 12.5 coins per level

The Mayor can set a tax on town members at either a flat rate or a percentage of their bank balance (toggleable).

Taxes are taken at midday CST (or CDT, whichever is current). At this time, town members will be kicked from town if they don't have funds to pay their town taxes, and towns will fall if they don't have funds in the bank to pay their tax to the server.

Other costs

  • Kingdom I - cost 6,000 coins to establish. Bonus 5 Additional Town Chunks.

Requirements: Tier 7 Township
Min. 25 residents
64 Fresh Dung Pile
500 Essence of Battle
320 Medal of Vengeance

  • Kingdom II - cost 5,000 coins to establish. Bonus 15 Additional Town Chunks.

Requirements: Tier 8 Township
Min. 30 residents
64 Fresh Dung Pile
800 Essence of Battle
500 Medal of Vengeance

Costs to set up

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8
Designation Hamlet Settlement Village Town City TBD TBD TBD
(to upgrade to this tier)
250 Coins
2,000 Coins 4,000 Coins 6,000 Coins 10,000 Coins 16,000 Coins 26,000 Coins 42,000 Coins
Residents (min required) 1 (self) 3 5 10 15 20 25 25
Mineral Items 250 Stone
250 Cobblestone
200 Lapis Block
128 Iron Block
20 Diamond Block
20 Emerald Block
500 Stone
1,000 Cobblestone
280 Lapis Block
100 Bookshelf
128 Glowstone
128 Hay Block
180 Iron Block
36 Emerald Block
36 Diamond Block
256 Redstone Block
256 Coal Block
1,000 Stone
2,000 Cobblestone
392 Lapis Block
200 Bookshelf
180 Glowstone
256 Hay Block
250 Iron Block
64 Emerald Block
64 Diamond Block
360 Redstone Block
64 Gold Block
360 Coal Block
2,000 Stone
4,000 Cobblestone
550 Lapis Block
300 Bookshelf
250 Glowstone
512 Hay Block
350 Iron Block
116 Emerald Block
116 Diamond Block
500 Redstone Block
500 Coal Block
256 Magma
256 Quartz
4,000 Stone
8,000 Cobblestone
768 Lapis Block
400 Bookshelf
350 Glowstone
1,024 Hay Block
492 Iron Block
210 Emerald Block
210 Diamond Block
700 Redstone Block
700 Coal Block
360 Magma
360 Quartz Block
2,000 Netherrack
8,000 Stone
16,000 Cobblestone
1,076 Lapis Block
500 Bookshelf
490 Glowstone
2,048 Hay Block
688 Iron Block
380 Emerald Block
380 Diamond Block
980 Redstone Block
980 Coal Block
500 Magma
500 Quartz Block
4,000 Netherrack
16,000 Stone
32,000 Cobblestone
753 Lapis Block
600 Bookshelf
688 Glowstone
4,096 Hay Block
482 Iron Block
680 Emerald Block
680 Diamond Block
1,376 Redstone Block
1,376 Coal Block
700 Magma
700 Quartz Block
8,000 Netherrack
Special items

Item requirements updated as at 21 November 2017
16 Refined Deepvein Coal
8 Fresh Dung Pile
5 Glowing Heated Ruby
5 Warming Magnificant Topaz
5 Defying Lustful Emerald
5 Sparkling Pristine Sapphire
32 Refined Deepvein Coal
16 Fresh Dung Pile
10 Glowing Heated Ruby
10 Warming Magnificant Topaz
10 Defying Lustful Emerald
10 Sparkling Pristine Sapphire
50 Essence of Battle
50 Medal of Vengeance
64 Fresh Dung Pile
128 Refined Deepvein Coal
1 Salty Tearstone
10 Gleaming Flawless Diamond
20 Glowing Heated Ruby
20 Warming Magnificant Topaz
20 Defying Lustful Emerald
20 Sparkling Pristine Sapphire
75 Essence of Battle
75 Medal of Vengeance
64 Fresh Dung Pile
128 Refined Deepvein Coal
5 Salty Tearstone
20 Gleaming Flawless Diamond
40 Glowing Heated Ruby
40 Warming Magnificant Topaz
40 Defying Lustful Emerald
40 Sparkling Pristine Sapphire
100 Essence of Battle
100 Medal of Vengeance
125 Fresh Dung Pile
250 Refined Deepvein Coal
10 Salty Tearstone
30 Gleaming Flawless Diamond
60 Glowing Heated Ruby
60 Warming Magnificant Topaz
60 Defying Lustful Emerald
60 Sparkling Pristine Sapphire
125 Essence of Battle
125 Medal of Vengeance
125 Fresh Dung Pile
250 Refined Deepvein Coal
20 Salty Tearstone
40 Gleaming Flawless Diamond
80 Glowing Heated Ruby
80 Warming Magnificant Topaz
80 Defying Lustful Emerald
80 Sparkling Pristine Sapphire
150 Essence of Battle
150 Medal of Vengeance
125 Fresh Dung Pile
250 Refined Deepvein Coal
40 Salty Tearstone
50 Gleaming Flawless Diamond
100 Glowing Heated Ruby
100 Warming Magnificant Topaz
100 Defying Lustful Emerald
100 Sparkling Pristine Sapphire
175 Essence of Battle
175 Medal of Vengeance

Biome production

When you first create your town, it will automatically have a harvester. Harvesters look through your town claims to see what biomes are in your town's region. It picks one of the biomes at random and decides whether or not you will get an item from that biome. You can either receive or not receive and item once every Minecraft day. In both situations you will be notified. It is possible to put your towns claim in between more than one biome, and receive resources from all biomes, via your town's harvester.

You can see what items your town currently has by doing /town bank view

Biome Family Biomes Special Items Appears as
Global All biomes Refined Deepvein Coal
Fresh Dung Pile
Salty Tearstone
Coal block
Poisonous Potato
Ocean Ocean (0)
Frozen Ocean (10)
Frozen River (11)
Beach (16)
Deep Ocean (24)
Stone Beach (25)
Cold Beach (26)
Sparking Pristine Sapphire
Glowing Heated Ruby
Warming Magnificant Topaz
Defying Lustful Emerald
Blaze Powder
Gold Nugget
Plains Plains / M (1,129)
Sunflower Plains (128)
Sparkling Pristine Sapphire Diamond
Desert Desert / M (2,130)
Desert Hills (17)
Warming Magnificant Topaz Gold nugget
Extreme Hills Extreme Hills / M (3,131)
Extreme Hills Edge (20)
Extreme Hills+ M (34,162)
Defying Lustful Emerald Emerald
Forest Forest (4)
Flower Forest (132)
Forest Hills (18)
Roofed Forest / M (29, 157)
Defying Lustful Emerald Emerald
Taiga Tiaga / M (5, 133)
Tiaga Hills (19)
Sparkling Pristine Sapphire Diamond
Cold Taiga Cold Tiaga / M (30, 158)
Cold Tiaga Hills (31)
Mega Tiaga (32)
Mega Spruce Tiaga (160)
Mega Tiaga Hills (33)
Redwood Tiaga Hills M (161)
Sparkling Pristine Sapphire Diamond
Swampland Swampland / M (6,134)
Mushroom Island (14)
Mushroom Island Shore (15)
Glowing Heated Ruby Blaze Powder
River River (7) Warming Magnificant Topaz Gold nugget
Hell Hell (8) Glowing Heated Ruby Blaze Powder
The End The End (9) Flawless Diamond diamond
Ice Plains Ice Plains (12)
Ice Plains Spikes (140)
Ice Mountains (13)
Sparkling Pristine Sapphire Diamond
Jungle Jungle / M (21, 149)
Jungle Hills (22)
Jungle Edge / M (23, 151)
Defying Lustful Emerald Emerald
Birch Forest Birch Forest / M (27, 155)
Birch Forest Hills / M (28, 156)
Defying Lustful Emerald Emerald
Savanna Savanna / M (35, 163)
Savanna Plateau / M (36, 164)
Warming Magnificant Topaz Gold nugget
Mesa Mesa / (Bryce) (37, 165)
Mesa Plateau F / M (38, 166)
Mesa Plateau / M (39, 167)
Glowing Heated Ruby Blaze Powder


Town members can be given Ranks with various perms. Players can hold more than one rank in their town concurrently.

You can promote a town member to a specific rank by doing /promote [player name] [rank]

Townships Ranks
Permissions mayor second-in-command council exchequer sentinel
Exempt from town tax Green TickY Green TickY Green TickY Green TickY Green TickY
Can withdraw from town bank Green TickY Green TickY Green TickY
Can claim town chunks and outposts Green TickY Green TickY Green TickY
Can invite new members Green TickY Green TickY Green TickY
Can manage plots within the town Green TickY Green TickY Green TickY
Can kick members from town Green TickY Green TickY
The use of Prism Green TickY Green TickY
Can set town members to ranks Green TickY
Can set taxes on members Green TickY


  • Protection from enemies
  • You can sell town resources for currency if you can find someone in need of them.
  • A safe place for your items besides LWCs, trading off some security for more protected items.
  • Mayor and second-in-command have the ability to use prism (/pr i) to investigate player logs


  • Town members can port back to the town's spawn point. This point can be easily moved as the town's needs change. Town ports cost 25 coins (5 of which are paid into the town bank) and can be used by doing /skill townspawn
  • Town members are able to set their Recall inside of town, or within an ally's (if permitted).
  • Runesmiths can create Runestones to any point within your town or an ally's (if permitted), which can only be used by those with build permissions to the destination.