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Quick links for getting around Herocraft

Feel free to share these links with new players to help them get set up quickly. Link for this page! - also

Supporting Herocraft Online Voting links Supporter Tier benefits - info at the wiki Herocraft Online Store Lootcrates - at the Herocraft Online Store

Setting Up Your Client! HC modpack - guide to setting up the Technic Launcher as above - as above

Finding your way around Herocraft Herocraft Online wiki - front page of the Wiki Server map - Dynamap, updated periodically Useful coordinates Newbie Guide - at the wiki (also Frequently asked questions - quick answers

Heroes Classes the Heroes Combat classes - a list, with links to each class page the Heroes Professions - a list, with links to each profession page (also ) Alchemist - Alchemist page at the wiki Bard - and so on for each of the combat and profession classes

HC Game Mechanics Attributes - how they work, commands Banners - a banner design tool Bounties - how they work, commands Cauldrons - Alchemist's Cauldron recipes Chestshops - how to make - Needs updating 4/12/15 bonnie Class codices - what they are Dungeons - what they are and where to find them Global Market - how to buy and sell items using the Global Market LWCs - how to make them, what works, commands HC currency - coins, souls, selling souls at The Exchange Relics - what they are Currency items - coins, souls, selling souls at The Exchange TD plots - how to rent and manage Townships - how to make and manage

Rules Server Rules HC Terms of Service

Suggestions, reports, appeals Petitions for staff help - how to open, comment, read etc Suggestions - forum area for Player suggestions Bug reporting - forum area for reporting bugs Exploits - forum area for reporting exploits
  • Note: exploit-reporting threads can only be viewed by the author and by senior staff Ban/mute appeals - forum area for appealing bans/mutes, clarifying etc Wiki discussion - forum thread for discussing wiki updates, suggestions, errors

Joining towns Town Recruiting - town threads at the forums

Community Player photos - the Faces of HC