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What is a Runestone?

A Runestone is a Block of Redstone imbued with coordinates for a location within Herocraft, an alternative Recall point. Runestones can be used across worlds, for example you can use one to teleport to the Nether from any location in HeavensWatch.

How can I use my Runestone?

Kainzo holding rune.png

To use a Runestone, cast /skill recall whilst holding the Runestone in your hand (requires 10 redstone dust in your inventory), just like Kainzo is here. You will then be teleported to the Runestone's location.

  • You must have building permissions for the destination of the Runestone in order to use it. This prevents an enemy player from using someone else's Runestone to get inside their town or residence.

How do I make or get a Runestone?

Only Runesmiths can make Runestones. Runesmiths usually sell their Runestones in Trade District shops.

I'm a Runesmith, how do I make them?

You can make them by casting a skill whilst holding a Block of Redstone and the required reagent in your inventory.

  • For example /skill MinorRunestone, would create a Minor Runestone with 2 Teleport charges, for a cost of 5 diamonds and 1 Redstone block.

How do I set my Runestone's location?

The Runestone's location is determined by wherever you are standing when you cast the skill to make the Runestone - so make sure you're in the correct location before making it!

  • You must have building permissions for the area where you wish to make the Runestone. This means you are not able to go into a township or residence (region) you have no access to, and create a Runestone there.
    • If you are planning on selling your Runestones, be aware that your clients need region permissions for the arrival point for the Runestone to work for them.

Why can't I make a Runestone with my Furnace?

Normal Furnaces are not the required reagent and so will not work. You must use a Burning Furnace in order to create the appropriate Runestone.

  • Burning furnaces can be purchased from the server shops at The Exchange in the Trade District.

Where can I get needed materials for higher level Runestones?

Burning Furnaces and Endportal Frames can be bought from server chest shops in The Exchange at the Spawn castle.

  • Burning Furnaces are 60 souls each (1 needed per Major Runestone)
  • Endportal Frames are 1000 souls each (5 needed per Ancient Runestone)