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As of 5/19/17 with the start of the Herocraft: Rise of Atlas era, Herocraft is using the QuickShop Plugin.

Instructions for creating a chest shop:

Use "/QuickShop" command in-game to see the options. follow the instructions, main thing to remember is that you need to hit enter to set amounts.

To create a chest shop, hold the item you wish to sell in your hand, and type "/qs create <quantity to be sold> <price for customers to buy item for> <price for customer to sell items to shop for>". You will be prompted to punch the chest you wish to set the shop up for. There is a charge of 25 for each chest shop.

Some people may experience lag in shops with several chests due to the entities above each chest shop.

The following information is out of date as of the Atlas era. Leaving it in the wiki in the event that the old plugin is brought back

Chest Shops in general

  • It costs 50 coins to make a chest shop.
  • When you destroy your chest shop, you will be refunded 25 coins.
  • A tax of 5% on all chest shop sales is paid to The Exchange.
  • Chest shops can be placed anywhere on the survival map.
  • Making chest shops is restricted by profession. Professions are permitted to make chest shops to sell items specific to their expertise.
  • Use of chestshops as a cheaper LWC or any use other than for buying/selling items/blocks is illegal and will result in the chest and items being destroyed.

Making a chest shop


  • the BUY price is the amount players buy the item for from the shop
  • the SELL price is the amount players sell the item for to the shop.

Set up your chest, then place a sign on the chest (shift left click) or above or beside the chest.

On the sign, type the shop info as follows:

First Line: leave empty (your name will appear automatically)
Second Line: quantity (the number of items per transaction)
Third Line: buy price:sell price (only the numbers, separated by a colon - set to zero if not buying/selling)
Fourth Line: Item id# (only the item ID number - SEE NOTE BELOW)

Finding the ITEM ID / DATA VALUE

You have a choice of methods:

  • hold the item and type /iteminfo (ie bread is 297, a god pick is 278#g), or
  • look up the data value at the Minecraft Wiki, or
  • press and hold F3, then press H to toggle item numbers/durability on, then hover your mouse over the item in your inventory to see the data value.

(Note: Another option is to load the items into the chest before making the shop and type ? on the final line - but this will not work well in many situations, particularly for enchanted items.)


Sample sign showing the order. Do not use brackets/words when creating the chest shop sign!


Example: a Chest Shop for Dirt:

- Dirt has been dropped into the chest before making the sign.

First Line: 
Second Line: 64
Third Line: 1:0.1
Fourth Line: ?

It will look like this, once created:


  • Making the sell or buy price 0 will disable the ability to buy or sell from that shop.
  • When done, you should get a message in chat saying something like: "Chest shop created. Locked with LWC."

Buying and Selling from chest shops

  • Left click on the SIGN to sell to the chest shop.
  • Right click on the SIGN to buy from the chest shop.

Chest shop not working for you?

Silly rogue, stop Sneaking. (Chest shops don't work when you are sneaking...)