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The Trade District's Public Market Stall and Mailbox

The Global Market allows players to put items up for sale in a virtual marketplace from anywhere on the map.

The Global Market can be viewed in the Trade District at Citadel spawn.

Market Stalls are used by players to view and purchase items listed on the Global Market, and Mailboxes are used to retrieve bought items or gifts from other players.

In addition, mastered Merchants (level 60) have access to more advanced Global Market commands.

Limits on using the Market

  • Listings on the market expire after 1 week.
  • Merchants may have unlimited listings.
  • All other players can only have up to 20 listings.

Using the Market

A Market Stall about to be sorted
To VIEW items
Right click on the Market sign or chest. A GUI of the first page will appear (see right). Items for sale are shown in the first 5 rows. The last row shows Market command icons.
To view SUBSEQUENT PAGES of items
Select the "Paper" icon on the bottom row to go to the next page.
To SEARCH for particular items or sellers
Select the Pen and Quill icon on the bottom row and, when prompted, enter into chat the name of the item or seller you're seeking. You'll need to be quick as the search option times out pretty quickly.
To SORT how the items are displayed
Select the Redstone Repeater on the bottom row to sort the market display based on item price, quantity, or time of creation.
To put items UP FOR SALE
Type /market create [price] [quantity] to create a listing for the active item in your hand. For example, to sell a stack of something for 100 souls, the command would be /market create 100 64. This command can be used from anywhere on the map. Transactions are taxed 5% on putting items up for sale and 15% on successful sale, to the server.
To BUY items
Click on the desired item twice - once to select then again to confirm. Your purchased item will be transferred to the Mailbox, usually located next to the Market. Right click to open the Mailbox, then click on the items and they will be transferred to your directory. IF your bought items don't appear in your mailbox, click on Sort By (the redstone repeater) to view the most recently purchased items.

NOTES on Mailboxes

  • When more Mailboxes become available, you will be able to retrieve your bought items from any Mailbox chest on the map, not just the one adjacent to where you accessed the Global Market.
  • When you view a Mailbox, you will only see your own purchased items. No one else can access your items.
  • Your Mailbox retains any unclaimed items between logins.
  • Your Mailbox can only hold 200 items, so remember to empty it before it hits limit.

Merchant-exclusive Commands

/market pricecheck [held item]
Checks the average/current price listed on the Market of the item held in your hand.
/market send [player] [held item] [quantity]
Sends the held item directly to the desired player's mailbox. [Mailboxes are being installed at all graveyards.]
/market history
Fetches your transaction history.