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Q: Where am I?

A: When you first join Herocraft, you will appear in Abel's farmhouse, with Abel waiting for you outside. You should listen to what he and other souls in the tutorial have to tell you, otherwise you cannot proceed. At the end a portal will lead you to New Atlas.

Q: How do I change classes?

A:Nearly class changes can be done through /class. All that matters is the price!
You can perform a free class change by sacrificing ALL gained experience, by using /class and clicking the barrier item labeled Hero Reset, and accepting through the GUI.
This will set you back to Lost Soul, where you can use the /class gui again and pick your new class. Mind this will reset both Combat and Profession classes.

Otherwise, you can use the /class or /prof guis to switch from one combat or profession class to another. Your first time picking that class or profession will cost 100 coins, then 500 coins every time you pick it again in the future.
Lastly, you can also create a class Codex of a class to switch to that class without any cost except the reagents to craft the codex.
There may also be other ways to gain certain classes by meeting certain conditions and going through certain rituals in the future...

Q: What are the best weapons for me to be using? Which ones do the most damage?

A: Your classes determine which weapons you can use. The command for finding out which ones you can use (combining both your classes) is: /hero tools. The numbers next to the tools indicate which do most damage as weapons.

Q: What armor can I wear?

A: Each class has it's own armor weight limits that it can wear. To see the weight of various armors, type: /hero armor.

Q: How do I join a town?

A: If you are looking to join a town you can try looking in the Townships section on the forums, or you can try to ask around in /ch re (the recruitment channel) in game!

Q: How do I make money?

A: You get money in your personal bank by trading gold ingots at the Exchange (server bank located at spawn) or by selling goods or services to other players. You can get gold ore from mining, and can get gold nuggets from killing hostile mobs. You may also vote once a day to get at least 40 coins, sometimes more if you get a lucky roll.

Q: Where are all the mobs?

A: In order to prevent the server from lagging, there is a cap on the amount of mobs allowed to be alive at one time. You may have better luck finding mobs inside of a dungeon, look for ruins on the dynmap. []

Q: How do I level Professions?

A: Professions can be leveled in a variety of different ways though all aside from Farmer can be leveled by harvesting crops. Most professions can be leveled by simply mining. The specific ways each can be leveled can be seen on their respective pages.

Q: How do I switch chat channels? Or even leave them?

A: You can see the chat in several channels at the same time. To set a channel for speaking, type: /ch [channel name]. To leave a channel completely, use the command: /ch leave [channel name].

Q: How do I private message another player?

A: Type in /tell (name) [your message] or /msg (name) [your message] OR type @[player name] on a line by itself (this last one effectively sets your channel to private chat with the named player). Private messaging works cross server as well. you can also use /mail (name) [your message] if said player is unavailable at the time.

Q: I can't get this chest shop to work - is it broken?

A: Silly Rogue, stop sneaking!

Q: If I cancel an LWC that I paid for, do I get my money back?

A: No. Though refunding a free LWC will allow you to place another LWC for free.

Q: How big is the map?

A: New Atlas is about 10600 blocks by 10600 blocks. The Planar Archivist will also discover more worlds as time goes on.

Q: What texture pack does the server use?

A: We use a modified version of the Conquest Texture Pack

Q: How do I find out more about Herocraft?

A: Take a look around the Herocraft Online forums or read up at the Herocraft Wiki.