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Dreadknight male female.png
Male skin Female skin

The Unholy Knight

of the Warrior Path

Where Paladins are seen as a beacon of hope and courage, Shadowknights are feared as dark and dangerous fighters. Their bloody axes are a testament to their dark devotion. The Shadowknights are able to feed upon the life-force of others, inflicting the fear of death on even the bravest of souls. Terrors on the battlefield, they can chill their opponents to the bone, shaking their confidence and reducing their ability to fight. The unyielding nature of these warriors is a force to be respected, and feared.

NOTE: This table shows the points the class would have if all Attribute points were set to zero.

Base Health Points 775*
Increase per level 2.25
Health Points @ 60 907*
Regen by Foods
Base Mana Points 750*
Increase per level 1.25
Mana Points @ 60 823*
Regen amt per 5 sec 20*
Base Stamina Points 1000
Increase per level n/a
Max Stamina Points 1000
Regen amt per 1 sec 35*

The following values are modified by Attribute allocations as follows:

Health Points: Constitution
8 HP per CON point
Mana Points: Intellect
5.5 per INT point
Mana Regen: Wisdom
1 per WIS point
Stamina Regen: Endurance
1 per END point

Shadowknight: Base Attribute Allocations+
Strength 14 Constitution 21 Endurance 20 Dexterity 6 Intellect 25 Wisdom 9 Charisma 5

+Non legendary classes have the base attribute allocations from start to mastery.

Shadowknight: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost Cool down Reagents Effect
Tumble 1 passive You are able to fall (0.1 per dexterity point) additional# blocks without taking damage.
Bash 1 350 6 sec You bash your target within 4 blocks with all your strength, dealing (25 + 0.875 per strength point) damage and interrupting their casting.
SoulLeech 5 75 250 15 sec You leach health from the soul of your target (within 8 blocks), drawing (14 + 0.0375 per intellect point) damage every 2 seconds over 16 seconds and at the end receiving 80% of the damage you've dealt back to your own health. Takes 1 second to warm up.
Darkscythe 10 125 300 30 sec Your axe exudes suffering for 10 seconds. Your attacks cause great pain, dealing an extra (5 + 0.35 per intellect point) damage to your target.
Atrophy 15 75 10 sec Your target (within 5 blocks) is diseased, taking (13 + 0.125 per intellect point) damage every 2 seconds for 16 seconds.
DreadAura 20 150 activation
100 7 sec You emit an aura of dread which you turn off and on at will! Every 3.5 seconds your aura damages all enemies within 6 blocks for (9 + 0.25 per intellect point) dark damage, drawing healing for yourself from your victims of up to 45% of the damage dealt (but no more than 5 health in a single instance). The effort costs you 25 mana each 2.5 second tick.
BecomeDeath 25 50 30 sec For 2 minutes you appear undead: you become invisible to non-aggravated Skeletons and Zombies and can breathe underwater.
Empathy 30 100 375 25 sec You deal dark damage to your target (within 5 blocks) equal to (70 + 0.25 per intellect point) percent of your own missing health up to a maximum of (135 + 1.125 per intellect point), and your target is slowed for 3 seconds.
Harmtouch 40 200 250 8 min 100 hp You deal (185 + 2.125 per intellect point) dark damage to your target (within 4 blocks), at the same time reducing their healing by 50% and taking 30 damage to yourself.
ManaFreeze 45 75 250 30 sec You stop your target's mana regeneration (within 5 blocks) for 10 seconds.
Curse 50 100 150 18 sec You curse your target (within 7 blocks) for 7 seconds, causing their attacks to have a 50% chance of missing.
Terror 55 125 250 15 sec You terrify your target (within 9 blocks) for (3 + 0.075 per charisma point) seconds, distorting their vision and impairing their movement. Takes .5 second to warm up.
Desecration 60 150 100 25 sec You mark the ground around you with unholy power, dealing (20 + 0.3 per intellect pont) every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds, within 5 blocks to the side and 2 blocks up and down (cylinder). Enemies within the area are slowed.

# In addition to the vanilla Minecraft safe fall distance of 3 blocks.

Shadowknight: Armor
Head Gold Helmet.png Chain Helmet.png Grid Iron Helmet.png
Chest Gold Chestplate.png Chain Chestplate.png Grid Iron Chestplate.png
Leggings Gold Leggings.png Chain Leggings.png Grid Iron Leggings.png Grid Diamond Leggings.png
Boots Gold Boots.png Chain Boots.png Grid Iron Boots.png
ShadowKnight: Weapons (damage in hp)
Item Name Damage* Attack Speed Health Knockback Resistance Luck
Finesteel Greataxe 52 100%
Finesteel Greataxe +1 54 100% 2 1% 1
Finesteel Greataxe +2 56 100% 4 2% 2
Finesteel Greataxe +3 58 100% 6 3% 3
Finesteel Greataxe +4 60 100% 8 4% 4
Finesteel Greataxe +5 62 100% 10 5% 5
NOTE on Weapon Damage:
  • The numbers in this table show:
    • Base Damage + Strength modifiers for Melee Weapons
    • Base Damage + Dexterity modifiers for Bows
  • Strength damage modifier is (0.4*STR)
  • Dexterity damage modifier is (0.6*DEX)
  • Weapon damage is also multiplied by (0.035 * Level) against PvE targets. (not shown in this table)
  • More information here on calculating weapon damage.

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