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Male skin Female skin

Master of Martial Arts

of the Support Path

There are some souls who feel that a dependence on unnatural weapons is a form of weakness, and that one should rely on nothing other than themselves to survive. These are the Disciples, hardened souls who are experts in the way of hand-to-hand combat. They channel their life force, not through magic or iron, but as a living energy that can heal and punish. Deadly with fists, they can invoke this energy through them to send their opponents tumbling off into the distance. Be wary for the unarmed traveler, for the soul which carries no weapon may be the most dangerous of all.

NOTE: This table shows the points the class would have if all Attribute points were set to zero.

Base Health Points 785*
Increase per level 1.75
Health Points @ 60 888*
Regen by Foods
Base Mana Points 785*
Increase per level 1.5
Mana Points @ 60 873*
Regen amt per 5 sec 20*
Base Stamina Points 1000
Increase per level n/a
Stamina Points @ 60 1000
Regen amt per 1 sec 40*
Tier 2 class Transcendent
Max Levels 60 60
Weapon Blaze Rod etc

The following values are modified by Attribute allocations as follows:

Health Points: Constitution
8 HP per CON point
Mana Points: Intellect
5.5 per INT point
Mana Regen: Wisdom
1 per WIS point
Stamina Regen: Endurance
1 per END point

Disciple: Base Attribute Allocations
Strength 18 Constitution 14 Endurance 15 Dexterity 6 Intellect 20 Wisdom 22 Charisma 5
Transcendent: Base Attribute Allocations
Strength 3 Constitution 3 Endurance 1 Dexterity 2 Intellect 5 Wisdom 5 Charisma 1

Disciple: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost Cool down Reagents Effect
Tier 1 Tier 2
Tumble 1 1 passive You are able to fall (1 + 0.1 per dexterity point) additional# blocks without taking damage.
Smite 1 1 80 7 sec You deal (40 + 1.25 per intellect point) damage to your target and (100 + 1.25 per intellect point) damage to undead targets (within 5 blocks).
FistOfJin 1 1 passive Each of your melee strikes using your Disciple’s specific weapons restores (3 + 0.2 per wisdom point) health to you, and (6 + 0.2 per wisdom point) health to party members within (7 + 0.05 per wisdom point) blocks. This ability does not heal more than twice per second.
Chakra 5 1 110 200 15 sec You radiate a group heal of (85 + 1 per wisdom point) health and remove up to (0.05 per wisdom point) debuffs from party members within (6 + 0.1 per wisdom point) blocks.
Forcepush 10 1 85 200 12 sec You force your target (within 5 blocks) up and away from you and deal them (35 + 1 per intellect) magic damage. The force of your push increases with your intellect points.
FlyingKick 15 5 300 22 sec You are pulled to your target within (7 + 0.125 per dexterity point) blocks, dealing them (40 + 1.125 per strength point) damage and interrupting warm ups.
Forcepull 20 5 85 200 12 sec You pull your target within (5 + 0.175 per intellect point) blocks toward you and deal them (15 + 1 per intellect point) magic damage, interrupting warm ups.
Meditate 25 5 75 sec You regain 50% of your mana and 70% of your stamina. Takes 2.5 seconds to warm up.
Safefall 30 1 300 30 sec Your fall damage is negated for 6 seconds.
Renewal 35 10 135 18 sec You heal your target within (8 + 0.15 per wisdom point) blocks for (150 + 1.875 per wisdom point) health. Takes 3 seconds to warm up.
IronFist 40 15 95 300 23 sec Your iron fist punch reaches entities within a 5 block radius of yourself, knocking them up into the air and delivering (40 + 1.5 per strength point) damage, and slowing them for 5 seconds. The force of your punch increases with your Intellect. Takes half a second to warm up.
QuiveringPalm 45 25 300 16 sec For 8 seconds, you are able to strike your enemy (within 4 blocks) with a QuiveringPalm, dealing (50 + 1.5 per strength point) damage and weakening them so that they take 7.5% increased melee damage and feel nauseous.
Balance 50 15 150 300 45 sec You redistribute the health evenly throughout your party with a (6 + 0.1 per wisdom point) block radius (with no overall gain or loss).
Barrier 55 20 125 300 30 sec Over 3 seconds you raise a protective shield around yourself which allows you to attack as usual. If you are attacked, you block the incoming attack, disarm your attacker, and immediately inflict (40 + 0.875 per intellect point) percent of your weapon damage on them.
Alacrity 60 20 300 10 sec 1 Emerald.png You endow your target (within 10 blocks) with Alacrity, increasing their dexterity attribute by 15 for (10 + 0.5 per level) minutes. Takes 7 seconds to warm up.
Serenity - 50 250 25 sec Call upon the forces of nature to heal allies within 5 blocks for 25 + .5 per wisdom point every 1 second for 6 seconds. Takes 1.5 seconds to warm up.

# In addition to the vanilla Minecraft safe fall distance of 3 blocks.

Disciple: Armor
Head Grid Leather Cap.png Chain Helmet.png
Chest Grid Leather Tunic.png
Leggings Grid Leather Pants.png
Boots Grid Leather Boots.png Chain Boots.png Gold Boots.png
Disciple: Weapons (damage in hp)
Material Sword* Pick axe Axe Spade Hoe
Wood Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4
Stone Red XN Green TickY 8 Green TickY 8 Green TickY 8 Green TickY 8
Iron Red XN Green TickY 12 Red XN Red XN Red XN
Gold Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Diamond Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Gold Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN Red XN
Blaze Rod Green TickY 33 (*PvE)
Raw Fish Green TickY 29 (*PvE)
Fishing Rod Green TickY 29 (*PvE)
Stick Green TickY 29 (*PvE)
Fists Green TickY 27 (*PvE)
Permitted offhand
Blaze Rod Raw Fish Paper Book
NOTE on Weapon Damage:
  • The numbers in this table indicate BASE weapon damage.
  • Base damage is increased by several factors.
  • These factors include Strength attribute points, enchantments, and PvE per-level modifier.
  • The PvE modifier affects ONLY the weapons indicated.
  • More information here on calculating weapon damage.

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