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Welcome to Herocraft!

Herocraft is a Survival RPG server featuring different classes, skills, towns, bounties, and more, with a focus of Player VS. Environment. At its core is the Heroes plugin coded and worked on by our own developer team, as well as staff who can help with any issue you may come across. While your first few days may be your hardest as you combat powerful mobs in dungeons or fighting to protect your base, there are many players in the community who will help and aid you along the way.

This guide will aid you, New Hero, to immerse yourself and become an aware member of the Herocraft community.

The Herocraft Wiki

The Herocraft Wiki is a staff run resource where you'll find information regarding the server, its features and plugins in detail. It will be updated by certain players who have the time, information, and dedication to do so. Clicking on the various hyperlinks found throughout the wiki will redirect you to the topic noted. If something seems off or out of date, bring it up with a Wiki contributor!
If you think something in the wiki might not be correct, it's a good idea to check in game or the patch notes on the forums.
If you'd like to contribute, we'd love your help!

Follow the Rules

The Terms of Service, the gameplay Rules, and the Teamspeak and Discord rules are always enforced. Familiarize yourself with the rules - ignorance of the Rules does not make you immune to the consequences of breaking them. The Rules are updated as needed, so re-read them periodically to keep up to date. The rules are equally enforced for server supporters as for all players. No matter how much you donate, how many people you claim to be able to bring, you are never immune to being banned, suspended, or muted.

Get help and report rule-breaking

You can ask for help ingame in Tour chat or Help chat. Many players are helpful in chat and will answer your questions.
In particular, players with the [Guide] tag in front of their name are staff members whose job it is to help you, so don't be afraid to ask them if you are skeptical of other players' responses.
It is suggested you don't ask questions in O chat, since that can get filled up pretty fast and your question will be lost amongst the conversations. If you see a Guide, message them using /tell (Name) if you really need help, and they will help you to the best of their ability.
If you have evidence of rule-breaking or need assistance from Staff in-game, start a Petition. You might also like to petition for a ruling if you are unsure about whether something you've seen or are contemplating doing falls within the rules. Failing to report exploiting by other players is also grounds for banning.

Petitions are usually handled by Admins and Moderators. DO NOT submit petitions about minor matters. Do not hassle staff about your Petition and you will be answered in due course. You can expect a response within 24 hours.

The Basics

The Heroes Plugin

At the core of Herocraft is the Heroes plugin, allowing for an RPG based experience along with the building simulator Minecraft is accredited for. Every character has two classes:

  • a Hero class
  • a Profession class.

A hero class is your combat class. This comes with spells and abilities that are unique to the each class, and will aid you in dungeons and PvP.

A profession class is your crafter class. You begin your journey as a crafter and once maxed, you can change to a specialization to gain abilities that will assist you.

As your levels increase (this is referred to as "leveling"), you gain access to more of your class's skills (see also skills commands).

  • Each class's skills are listed on the class's wiki page, and also in game via /skills (Class)

There is a range of commands you can use in-game to find out about:

When you first join, you will be a Lost Soul and a Crafter. As you ascend the stairs During the tutorial you will be prompted to select a class. You can do so by left clicking on the floating text of your desired class.

Hero (Combat) Classes

You can increase your levels in your combat class by fighting mobs and by voting for the server.

  • As your levels increase, your pool of health points & mana points increases.
  • You unlock more powerful spells and abilities as you level up, as well as more skill allocation points. Note you can only have up to 7 active prepared skills.
  • You can change your specialty combat class for free from Lost Soul at any stage - you do not need to master Lost Soul. You can return to Lost Soul at the price of losing all gained experience by using /class and clicking the barrier item.
  • After this, you can use a codex to change to other combat classes, or you can use the /class command and pay a 100 coin fee (if it's a class you have chosen before without a reset, it will cost 500 coins instead). The command has a 30 minute cooldown unless you reset.

The specialty classes you can chose from are grouped into 4 paths as follows:

HEROES Combat Classes
WARRIORS Paladin ShadowKnight Dragoon Samurai
ROGUES Ninja Ranger Runeblade Bard
CASTERS Pyromancer Wizard Necromancer Beguiler
SUPPORT Cleric Druid Bloodmage Monk

Profession (Crafter) Classes

Crafter is the base Profession class. How you gain Exp toward leveling your profession differs from class to class, and includes mining, building, crafting, farming, logging and other skills use, depending on the class.

  • You can change your specialty Profession by using a codex at any stage, or after mastering Crafter by using /prof and paying a 100 coin fee (if it's a profession you have practiced before it will cost 500 coins, instead). The command has a cool down of 30 minutes.
HEROES Professions
Alchemist Blacksmith Enchanter Engineer Farmer Merchant Miner Runesmith


One of the critical components to this game and what makes the world go around here is money, aka Coins.

Money and the economy

Money has many uses. Class changes, township management, purchasing items and services from players, and /shop items are just a few ways as of now to spend your money. Manual player trade can be arranged in trade chat.
To name a few ways to actually acquire money, you can first and foremost vote every day, as well as mine and sell gold, slay monsters to gain gold drops, sell items and services to other players, and partake in the /lottery and gambling at the Casino in the western wing of Spawn.

Know where you're at

New Atlas

When you first join, you will find yourself in Abel's farmhouse, with Abel standing not to far off from where you spawned in at. Speak to him, and he'll teach you the basics of being a soul.
Learn from him and many other souls within the tutorial to learn the basics of the server. When you're done, you'll be in the center of New Atlas.


PvP is enabled. This means you can be killed or kill other players if you wish. Be warned, players here are not always forgiving or nice; They don't have to be.

  • While there are no specific PvP rules, it should be remembered that abusing glitches and griefing on a large scale are illegal and banable offenses. Stealing and Raiding however are all part of the game play.
  • For this reason, don't grow too attached to starting gear. Many things are out for your soul fragments. Simply dust off and try elsewhere. If you have valuables, look into a town or a LWC.

Connect, communicate, coordinate

This can be a great way to make the early levels a lot easier on yourself. Having allies is always better than having enemies, and with Herocraft's party system, you can even share some of the Exp you get for defeating monsters and crafting with your friends. Invite your friends to a party by using /party invite (name).

Chat channels

Herocraft uses HeroChat, a plugin developed by Herocraft coders.

Tour chat (/Ch Tour) and Help Chat (/Ch Help) is a good place for new players to ask questions and connect up with others just starting out.

  • Tour and Help chat is also frequented by Guides and other established players who enjoy helping new players out. Ask your questions in the Tour or Help channels as you will receive more attention there than in off-topic chat.

Registered players can join any of the public chat channels - off topic, help, recruitment, trade, and LFG. There are also a few unofficial global chats that are not moderated as harshly. Postings to content-specific official global channels, such as help, recruitment, trade, and LFG must stay on topic.

There are also ways to chat just with players in your local vicinity or send a private message a single player anywhere.

Read and understand the Chat Rules - they are firmly enforced.

Discord and Teamspeak

Players can also join Herocraft's Discord and Teamspeak 3 server, where much communication occurs between town members while they are in-game.

  • The IP and password for teamspeak can be found on tutorial island, or by asking in-game.
  • The join URL for discord is here


Herocraft's Party system allows 10 players to group together, share the spoils of exp gain; Party members also avoid damaging each other, can apply buffs to one another, and/or heal each other.

  • Parties are essential for large scale PvP raids or defending yourself from one.

Join the Discussion!

Hang out at the Herocraft Forums

Go to Herocraft forums and register to join in the community discussion! You can also report bugs, post suggestions for the server/wiki, ask for help, or apply for townships.

  • Joining the forums is also essential to having a full HeroCraft experience, as you need to register in game with your email.
  • Go to This Thread for a list of other pages that might help you!

Banned or Muted?

Head over to The Appeals section

Found a bug or glitch?

Head over to The Bug Report Section

Want to donate? Already donated?

Go to This page to learn how to donate!

Want Mods?

We a Hero Modpack available on Technic launcher available for use! Find it @ This Thread

Enhance your experience

Support the Server

A wide range of benefits are available to players who graciously help to support the server via donor tiers or the Herocraft Store. The top donor each month receives a 20% Coupon and 5 Golden Crate Keys!

Voting for Herocraft rewards you with Exp and currency, and supports the server by catching the eye of new players. You can even win rare relics or dragon eggs! Make sure you log in before voting, and have space in your inventory, or you won't receive any item you win. You can vote every 24 hours for maximum benefit. Top voter each month gets $10 store credit, to spend on anything in the HC store!

Short Links

Short Links is a list of Herocraft wiki and forums pages that are so useful they get their own short link URLs.

Some Finer Points

It is Minecraft, after all! Mine to gain exp and level your Profession, and mine to gather resources. When you mine ores, there is also the chance of a currency item drop. You can see how much exp you are gaining from mining and other exp-gaining activities by toggling exp notifications.
Chest shops
Chest shops are automated shops set up by the server (for currency items at The Exchange and for redstone at many graveyards) and by many players who are selling and sometimes buying items. Right click on the sign to buy from the shop, and left click on the sign to sell to it. Note: You can't interact with chest shops if you are "sneaking" (a skill used by classes on the Rogue path).
Food and Health
The hunger system normally used in Minecraft does not exist in Herocraft. Instead, you regenerate health points by eating foods (this only works when you are out of combat). If you start without friends on the server and are not in a town, you will need to set up a reliable food supply. Animals in the wild are quite rare and not a reliable source of food. Since bread can only be made by Farmers, Carrots, Potatoes, or Melons if you can find a seed are the best bet.
Death chests
When you die, your inventory will drop into a death chest Note that if you have a backpack (purchasable through the Herocraft Store or as a supporter Tier benefit), its contents will not drop into a chest.
About protecting your stuff...
Stealing or looting from chests (other than those of fellow town members) is allowed. There are a few options for protecting your stuff:
  • Store it in LWC-locked chests (costs 300 coins)
  • Join a town or make a personal region of your own using the Towny permissions.
Towns might not be for everyone, but for many players they are a source of safety and companionship! Only town members can break blocks within the town region. Stealing from town mates or giving enemies access to chests in your town is termed region abuse and this is a banable offense. Town raiding (solo or in a party with town mates) is a popular activity, but with adequate security measures you and your goods should be pretty safe in your town... Again, placing dirt on top of your chests is advisable. Many towns also have large farms where you can get food.
The requirements and costs for setting up a town and keeping regions are made to be challenging to encourage commitment and a sense of accomplishment in town members. Towns can be set up on either Aegis of Sanctuary.
Most towns require interested players to post applications on their town thread at the forums, where the town's leaders will set out the town's objectives, hierarchy of leaders, specific requirements expected of town members (taxes, helping with building projects, participating in defense or raiding etc), and the application process. You can also ask in recruitment chat about towns that are recruiting.
Wilderness houses and abandoned buildings
If you don't protect your building with a region, expect it to get griefed. Town protections start very cheaply, making personal regions well within the reach of new players early in the game.
Odd Effects ...

You'll find you'll get unexpected results by right or left-clicking with the following items:

  • diamond (right-clicking) - consumes the diamond in return for some stamina regeneration
  • emerald (right-clicking) - consumes the emerald in return for some mana regeneration

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