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Herocraft allows players to place bounties on each other. If a bounty is accepted and the target player is killed, the hunter will gain whatever reward was placed.

  • NOTE: It is illegal for you to collect a bounty on a fellow town member, guild member, friend, or ally of any sort, or to allow any prior preparation by purposely setting up a kill in order to collect a bounty.

Placing bounties

  • Minimum bounty set price (BSP) is 150 coins. The server takes a fee of 5% from the BSP.
  • You can cancel a bounty you have set. The server takes a cancellation fee of 50% of the BSP, so the amount refunded is half the BSP less the server fee, ie 45% of the amount originally set.

Accepting bounties

  • A bounty cannot be accepted until 15 minutes after it has been placed. There is a fee to accept a bounty.
  • If you kill your bounty target, you get their head along with the money.
  • Bounty acceptance remains current for 24 hours.
  • You can abandon a bounty you have accepted. You do not receive the acceptance fee back.


/bounty or /bounty help

Brings up the in-game help on bounties.
/bounty list (page#)
Lists current bounties on specified page number. Only shows bounty target players who are currently online.
/bounty place [target player] [value]
Places a bounty on the named player, less the server fee. Confirm or cancel with the appropriate command when prompted. Minimum of 150 to place a bounty.
/bounty cancel [target player]
Cancels a bounty you had placed on the named player. Confirm or cancel with the appropriate command when prompted. You receive a bit less than half your money back.
/bounty accept [target player]
Accepts a bounty contract on the player named in /bounty list and costs you the listed fee. Remains current for 24 hours.
/bounty view
Lists the bounty contracts you have accepted.
/bounty abandon [target player]
Abandons a bounty contract you had accepted on the named player. You do not receive the fee back.