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Male skin Female skin

The Reckless Warrior

of the Warrior Path

When all seems lost, our bodies revert to a primal state, gaining immense strength and dexterity to accomplish what was once impossible. There are those who have embraced this phenomenon and put it to use in battle. When it seems you may have the upper hand when fighting these warriors, the tables will turn and you will now be fighting for your life as you watch their pains become their strengths. These are the "Berserkers", and in the thick of battle is where they are most fearsome.

NOTE: This table shows the points the class would have if all Attribute points were set to zero.

Base Health Points 800*
Increase per level 2
Health Points @ 60 868*
Regen by Foods
Base Mana Points 425*
Increase per level 1.25
Mana Points @ 60 498*
Regen amt per 5 sec 20*
Base Stamina Points 1000
Increase per level n/a
Max Stamina Points 1000
Regen amt per 1 sec 35*
Max Levels 60
Weapon of choice Axe

The following values are modified by Attribute allocations as follows:

Health Points: Constitution
8 HP per CON point
Mana Points: Intellect
5.5 per INT point
Mana Regen: Wisdom
1 per WIS point
Stamina Regen: Endurance
1 per END point

Berserker: Base Attribute Allocations+
Strength 28 Constitution 18 Endurance 24 Dexterity 9 Intellect 5 Wisdom 5 Charisma 11

+Tier I classes have the base attribute allocations from start to mastery.

Berserker: Skills
Skill Level Mana cost Stamina cost Cool down Reagents Effect
Tumble 1 - - passive You are able to fall (0.1 per dexterity point) additional# blocks without taking damage.
Bash 1 300 6 sec You bash your target within 4 blocks with all your strength, dealing (25 + 0.875 per strength point) damage and interrupting their casting.
BeserkerRage 1 passive Your attacks are filled with unyielding rage. The physical damage you inflict is increased by 0.3% for every 1% of your missing health, up to a maximum of 30%.
Maim 5 275 10 sec You maim your target within 4 blocks with your axe, dealing (40 + 1.5 per strength point) physical damage and slowing them for 2.5 seconds.
BloodDrinker 10 275 30 sec Over 10 seconds, you drink the blood of your enemies to restore your health! You gain health at the rate of 20% of the physical damage you deal with your axe, to a maximum of 275 health points.
Bladegrasp 15 325 1.5 minutes You have a (2% per level) chance to block incoming damage for 3 seconds.
Headbutt 20 300 30 sec You headbutt your target (within 4 blocks), dealing (35 + 1.125 per strength point) physical damage and stunning them for (1.25 + 0.056 per charisma point) seconds at the cost of 60 of your own health. Remember that you will lose hp using this ability.
Lunge 25 350 15 sec You lunge towards your target within (8 + 0.1 per strength point) blocks.
Whirlwind 30 375 20 sec You unleash a furious whirlwind for 5 seconds within which you strike all enemies within 4 blocks every half a second for (15 + 0.2 per strength point) physical damage.
UndyingWill 35 45 sec By force of will, you stop your health from dropping below 1 for 3 seconds.
Rupture 45 300 35 sec You deal a mighty blow to your target (within 6 blocks), dealing (30 + 1.125 per strength point) physical damage and leaving them vulnerable to hemorrhage for the next 8 seconds during which time they will take 10 bleeding damage each time they move a few blocks.
Provoke 50 275 25 sec You provoke your target (within 10 blocks) for 10 seconds. In this state, your target can inflict 15% increased damage on you while you inflict 30% damage more damage on them.
Toss 55 250 20 sec You grab your target (within 5 blocks) and throw them in the opposite direction. Distance thrown increases as you gain more Strength points.
Frenzy 60 325 25 sec You enter a crazed state for 10 seconds, during this time you shrug off disabling effects (roots and stuns) every half a second and suffer severe nausea.
Throwaxe - 300 10 sec You hurl your axe at your target (within 10 + 0.1 str) blocks while dealing (55 + 0.75 per strength point) piercing damage.

# In addition to the vanilla Minecraft safe fall distance of 3 blocks.

Berserker: Armor
Head Grid Leather Cap.png Gold Helmet.png Chain Helmet.png
Chest Grid Leather Tunic.png Gold Chestplate.png Chain Chestplate.png
Leggings Grid Leather Pants.png Gold Leggings.png Chain Leggings.png
Boots Grid Leather Boots.png Gold Boots.png Chain Boots.png Grid Iron Boots.png
Beserker: Weapons (damage in hp)
Material Sword Pick axe Axe* Spade Hoe
Wood Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4 Green TickY 33 (*PvE) Green TickY 4 Green TickY 4
Stone Green TickY 8 Green TickY 8 Green TickY 42 (*PvE) Green TickY 8 Green TickY 8
Iron Red XN Green TickY 12 Green TickY 50 (*PvE) Red XN Red XN
Diamond Red XN Red XN Green TickY 117 (*PvE) Red XN Red XN
Gold Red XN Red XN Green TickY 119 (*PvE) Red XN Red XN
Fists Green TickY 15
Permitted offhand
NOTE on Weapon Damage:
  • The numbers in this table indicate BASE weapon damage.
  • Base damage is increased by several factors.
  • These factors include Strength attribute points, enchantments, and PvE per-level modifier.
  • The PvE modifier affects ONLY the weapons indicated.
  • More information here on calculating weapon damage.

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