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R'thasa Grimoria

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Nov 2, 2013
Name: R'thasa Grimoria

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Class/Profession: Wizard

Appearance/Physical quirks: Black hair and mild stubble around the chin.
The eyes reflect a past shrouded in darkness with a gaze that seems to look into your very soul, in times of anger the eyes are said to be set ablaze like a raging inferno.
He dresses in cloths that would fit the average traveler and a long light blue cloak.

History: Born into the House of Grimoria he was born with a natural ability to both understand and control the arcane.
His house was known in his homeland for being the most arcane attuned thus they were given a duty to protect the lands from any that would threaten it.
R'thasa was a solitary child that would spend hours on end studying in the library's throughout his homeland.
As the years past he would grow to be wise and strong, he was soon sent off to perform duty's all over the land.
Many years past and soon like the horns of war called for him.
He was thrown into the heat of battle against an army of necromancers, during the heat of battle as he watched those he called friend fall.
He achieved something that few of his family had before.
His anger and rage fed his powers.
Those that observed from the cliff saw nothing but a light the flooded over the fields.
The aftermath was described as a blackened field of chard remains, grass turned to ash, trees the charcoal and body's of friend and foe alike petrified.
He was found in the center unharmed, he would remain unconscious for many days before waking at home.
As the years past the memory still haunts him.
Now he journeys to seek answers to what happened to him.

Personality: Introverted and wise in the ways of the arcane, he is willing to teach only those willing to learn.

Alignment: He allies only with that which will reward him with knowledge.

Weapons: a wide range of spells cast from a staff crafted from the core of the Eldrum tree and a single sword crafted from an Ironwood tree.
Magic: Uses elemental magic but has a tendency to focus on fire based magics

Interesting Facts: From a far away land.

Favorite Food: Slow roasted beef stew.

Favorite Drink: Rum.

Likes: Books and solitary places

Dislikes: Loud crowds and cats.

Allies/Enemies: No particular enemies nor friends but has a searing hatred for necromancers.

Roleplay Hints: Necromancers should clear a path (He looks the other way most of the time)
Most roleplay should be focused on seeking arcane advise or conversations should lead to questions about his personality.