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Lost Ark Game Review

Jun 18, 2021
Lost Ark is amazing. It's absolutely gorgeous. So much to do: dungeons, raids, sailing.


But some people complained that Lost Ark was hard so they made it easy for the casuals. Top content is very challenging. Stuff gets progressively more difficult. Abyssal raids have mechanics that would wipe the party if one person doesn't do it right. And they may having trouble farming enough

- And to those that complain about honing (gear upgrade): how many times you went into a raid hoping for a good drop from a boss in another game (wow for example) just to walk out empty-handed and wait for a week for reset just to do that again?

- Story is lacking, yes, but it's way way way better than BDO and many cutscenes are actually really cool. But this game isn't about the story. Again this is an ARPG with just a lot of extra stuff to do.

Give it a try and don't walk in expecting anything. Just make it your journey and make your own impressions of it. But do stick to at least tier 2 before ay or naying it :)

PS: about the oversexualized toons. I'm a woman and I love my sexy toons. Nothing wrong with that. They are pixels. Moving on.
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