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How to Search Village in Minecraft Game

Oct 16, 2020
The village is a unique building built in the game Minecraft and is the residence of many villagers. There are many farms here for players to get food and lots of chests. Not to mention that you will see a lot of houses and can trade with the villagers. Whether you intend to stay, visit, or loot, here's how to find the village in Minecraft!
On the desktop :
1. Open Minecraft. Select the Minecraft icon with the ground shape and click PLAY located at the bottom of Minecraft Launcher.
2. Click Singleplayer. This button is in the center of the Minecraft window. After clicking, you will see a list of single-player worlds.
3.Choose a world that allows you to cheat. Double click to download this world. To find the village in the game Minecraft, the chosen world must allow cheating.
If you do not have a world that allows cheating, click Create New World, type in the world name, click More World Options ..., click Allow Cheats: OFF, then click Create New World.
4. Open Console. Press / key to do this. The Console text box will open at the bottom of the window.
5. Type the command "locate". Type locate Village and press ↵ Enter key.
The capital "V" in "Village" is very important, because if you type "v" normally, the command will fail.
6. Check the result. You will see white text saying "Located Village at [coordinate x] (y?) [Coordinate z]" near the bottom of the Minecraft window.
Example: You can see the line "Located Village at 123 (y) 456" here.
The y coordinate (altitude) is often unknown, meaning you have to use a gradual test method until you can guess it.
7. Type the command "teleport". Reopen the Console and type teleport [player] [x coordinate] [y coordinate] [z coordinate], replacing the part in brackets with the player name and village coordinates. You have to guess the y coordinate.
For the player named "Waffles", following the step above, you would type teleport Waffles 123 [y coordinate] 456. The name is case sensitive.
Try typing a number between 70 and 80 for the y coordinates.
Press ↵ Enter. This step helps to execute your teleport command. As long as the y-coordinate is not too high to cause the character to die or get stuck in the wall, you will appear inside, above or below the village.
If you appear underground, you need to dig upwards to see the village.
If you are stuck on a wall in Survival Mode, you will quickly suffocate. To prevent this from happening, you can try to find a way out

Download : JourneyMap Mod