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fabric installer 1.16.3 (The New Mod Loader for Minecraft Mods)

Oct 16, 2020
fabric installer 1.16.3 is the core of the most current version of mods at the moment, because there are currently no Minecraft Forge versions for these versions. Therefore, third-party developers have made their own version of the forge. Now you can just play Minecraft 1.16 with your favorite mods that can be found on our website. Currently, the factories are at the initial stages of development, so we are waiting for updates.
fabric installer 1.16.3 -1.png

The Fabric ModLoader is a new minecraft tool that adds a user-friendly and secure way to install modifications into the game without changing anything in the game installation. It was announced in December 2018 and worked for Minecraft 1.15 and higher versions.

Fabric ModLoader is part of a big project called Fabric, which provides tools to the community to create maps and mods. It also has a collection of maps and a core library for all the mods created to this new project.

Fabric ModLoader 1.16.4-1.15.2 Download Links:
fabric installer 1.16.3