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ALERT 11/24/17 - Herocraft Change Log


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Aug 18, 2011
Oklahoma, USA
Sorry for the slight delay, as I've been busy with Big XII Championship preparation. Let the update log commence!


-Spellbooks of Group Teleport have been segregated into "Spellbook of Wizard Group Teleport" and "Spellbook of Druid Group Teleport" to resolve an issue.

-Warmup timers have been added to all boss spawners. Instead of spawning 0m-20m, they respawn 10m-30m.
-Progression system removed.

-Kingdoms has been removed.
-Townships have been readded. Township materials generate cross-map at a low chance. Towns of a tier n are allowed to claim (n*2+1)^2 chunks. Starting a township costs 250c. Claiming a chunk costs 25c.

Planar Archives:
-The Planar Archivist has relocated his studies into the castle above the arena. These are now known as the Planar Archives.
-A portal links the floor under the herogates to the Planar Archives.
-A portal links the floor under the herogates to the Auction House.
-The portal to tutorial has been relocated to the bottom of New Atlas Castle.
-A portal takes you to the herogates from the bottom of New Atlas Castle.


-Proctor position removed, all existing Proctors have been given Guide.

-Pets and Soul Vessels have been removed from all crate rewards as we wait for a new plugin to handle pets.
-Ingame donor/township channels have been cleaned. 45 pages of channels down to 5, wow!
-The Nether has been released! Map size 5000 x 5000.
-We've migrated hosts to a new, cheaper and more efficient server host. Performance has increased across the board.
-Crazy Auctions plugin removed. Global Market plugin readded.
-Spawn tells you where PvP-immunity ends and begins, to ensure players know when they're not safe.
-Warp location relocated to the throne room of New Atlas Castle.
-Graveyard is now in a proper graveyard, around Ebony Circle in New Atlas Castle.
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