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ALERT 11/10/17 - Herocraft Change Log


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Aug 18, 2011
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We've compiled a list of changes that happened this past week. Keep up to date when tiny changes happen by joining hc.to/discord! We post each change we make as we make them in our #announcements channel.


-Shadowknight now gets SoulLeech at level 5, BecomeDeath at level 10 and Atrophy at level 15.
-Ninja's skills have been re-ordered to help with earlier leveling and combat.
-Ninja's learned skill Shuriken was causing issues after someone learned it (server crash) we've temp removed the skill from the server to temp fix the issue.
-Professions now level 3x faster than Combat classes.

-Portal to the Dungeon Nexus in Atlas spawn has been removed. Dungeons are in the real world, go explore!
-Dungeons in the Atlas map are functional. Report any bugs you experience with them by using /pe open <message>.
-Increased the toss cooldown (20s -> 90s).
-Adjusted spawn timers for bosses (15m -> 20m).
-Bosses now reset health when dragged too far away from their spawn area.
-Quest NPCs have been placed around spawn to give you additional loot and experience points.
-Mobs now gain power by levels. These levels are set in a range at their spawn time. Bosses benefit from this power more than regular mobs. Beware!
-Added portal to the second level of Dark Palace.

-Damage done by turrets increased by 9x to account for Heroes health values.

-Fixed the crafting recipes for the Apex of Time, they can now be crafted by the professions.
-The casino is up in the New Atlas area. You can find it west of spawn.
-Resolved permission issues with Backpacks. Any issues should be reported with /pe open <message>.
-T10 now gets "backpack.fullpickup" --- which enables them to full pickup gear when their inventory is full and go to /bp.
-T5 now gets "backpack.clean" --- which allows them to clear out their backpack inventory.
-T10 will get a 9x9 backpack. T9 will get a 9x8 backpack. T8 will get a 9x7 backpack.
-Removed relic drops of classes that are no longer implemented.
-Fixed crafting recipe for Ranger's codex.
-Fixed switching to Ranger handing out Beastmaster weapons instead of Ranger weapons.
-Skill tomes now drop off all Redhand and Faceless bosses (Redhand Highkeep / Dark Palace).
-Added Crates near the Gold Exchange area to not clutter player spawn in.
-hc.to/map is now functional!
-Stamina hotfix: Left clicks outside of combat no longer drain stamina. (This is especially noticed in mining)
-Auction House: The /ah command is now no longer usable to list available items. To view items, speak to Auctioneers Bill, Chad or Frank at the Atlas Auction House. You can find the Auction House by following Atlas Avenue to the north and making a right onto Merchant Street.
-The trade district (north half of the Atlas spawn region) is now detailed with street signs. Most NPCs will give street-based directions rather than flat coordinates.
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