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  1. BeasttRecon

    Ban Appeal

    IGN: BeasttRecon Banned by: @Kenneth_Chow Time of ban: 1:20pm GMT+8 Reason for ban: conquest ; griefing Your story: I really wasn't aware that what I did was illegal. I built a crappy 1 layer thick wall at gold castle (also put 'TRUMP' in letters at every castle - i love donald trump!) and...
  2. BeasttRecon

    Bug Boats

    hmm... how do i put this... boats are still disabled??
  3. BeasttRecon

    BeasttRecon's Ban Appeal

    IGN: BeasttRecon Banned by: @xexorian Time of ban: 1:25pm GMT+8 Reason for ban: Griefing Your story: I'd say it was either for building a bridge from our base on the island next to newerth straight to their town for quick pvp access, but I also had the "lick my ass" trademark of our town as an...
  4. BeasttRecon


    I live in the American Gardens Building on West 81st street, on the eleventh floor. My name is Patrick Bateman, i'm 27 years old. I believe in taking care of myself, with a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, i'll put on an icepack while...
  5. BeasttRecon

    Port Royal - WE'RE BACK!

    Hey guys, I have gathered an army of over 50 people to come and reclaim our throne on this minecraft server so be prepared haha xx
  6. BeasttRecon

    CITADEL PvP Vids

    Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to another creation from ur boy BeasttRecon just something i whipped up on the go yesterday 0 to 100 real quick and everyone else should post their CITADEL pvp vids here if they have any but yeah i'll kick it off with this one more to come soon if anyone...
  7. BeasttRecon

    [AD] - Novigrad - Neutral [PvP] - RECRUITING

    Home of the leige lords Leisurely Lord: BeasttRecon SiC: - has400 - Jrr_ Council: - TBD Town Skinner: - Vasalkar Novigrad: A town for likeminded people looking to enjoy their time on Herocraft Tax: Currently is at 6s per day due to our great lord BeasttRecon storing all of his hard earned...
  8. BeasttRecon

    Looking for a Graphic Designer to make logo for Novigrad!

    Hello my fellow Herocrafters! Me and my friends at Novigrad are looking for a graphic designer to make us a simple logo/text for Novigrad in the same style that Port Royal's logo was made! Here is the example of the style we want on the port royal thread, the very first words that say "Port...
  9. BeasttRecon

    Indar vs the whole server

    uploading overnight again.. should be up in about 2 hrs
  10. BeasttRecon

    indar 7v8 dingle