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  1. malikdanab

    Bug Devour Magic is a picky eater

    Devour Magic: "You devour harmful magic targeted on you for 8 seconds, reducing any incoming spell damage by 20%, and restoring mana based on the resisted portion at a 90% rate" The problem with this is that the skill only reduces "magic" damage. This wouldn't be a problem but since many spells...
  2. malikdanab

    Suggestion New Runeblade T2 Skill

    It's pretty simple really: Get darkblade from pyromancer. Change it's name to dawnblade to compliment runeblade's duskblade. Then finally make it apply runes like duskblade does. With minimal coding required you have a skill that perfectly compliments runeblade kit and theme.
  3. malikdanab

    Balance Meeting 05/03/15

    Sadly I won't be able to make the meeting tomorrow so I would like to bring up these points for discussion in my absence. Armor Changes: Merely visual, but gold armor besides leggings have the same armor has chain. It think it would be nice for classes that use gold to also have access to chain...
  4. malikdanab

    Bug Warm-ups don't slow

    As the title says, warm-ups don't slow, but only on the arena server.
  5. malikdanab


    Little late to be bringing it up, but we can get it done! Paladin: Mostly done, possibly increase the CD for divine stun Berserker: Overall good, but might want to adjust numbers so CDs are lowered, but power is changed to reflect that Dragoon: Posted all over the place...
  6. malikdanab

    Suggestion Dreadknight Rework (No coding required)

    Note: I'm not very knowledgable about DK as a class, but this is more about thematic consistency than current playstyle The basis of this rework is to make DK actually feel like a warrior. ATM it plays very similar to necro and has little to no teamfight capability. New skill list: LVL 1...
  7. malikdanab


    So little time, but I think we can do some work. I'd like to do a rework, but in the mean time: Melee skills: reduce mana from 100 to 75 Firestrike Totem: remove fire ticks and increase base damage from 20 to 45 Healing Totem: Base 15-> 25 Force totem: Base: Higher?!? Scaling: Moar...
  8. malikdanab


    Problems With the Class: Very Poor Healing Lack of actual Support Too much damage for a "Support" Blood union system is awkward since it makes skills viable only when maxed. My Proposed Changes: Increase Base Mana Regen from 18 to 20 Infusion- Heal: 65->80 Scaling: 1.375-> 1.825 Remove Self...
  9. malikdanab

    Balance For the People

    In order to create a baseline, balance team is going to try to balance classes a path at a time. Based on the poll results, we will assign a priority list of which hero path to balance first.
  10. malikdanab

    New Balance

    First off sorry for the pun :p Another good 'ol "General" balance thread, but I hope with the new restructured balance team things can actual be accomplished :) Instead of tackling all classes at once, I think we should go a path at a time. This prevents us from being overwhelmed and also...